West Virginia House speaker Armstead retires to run for Supreme Court

Tim Armstead came on Tuesday as West Virginia’s House speaker and announced plans to run for a state Supreme Court seat.

West Virginia, the Republican speaker of the house of representatives, said on Tuesday that he resigned for a seat on the state Supreme Court.

Speaker Tim Armstead made his intentions known via Twitter messages.

“I am looking forward to talking with my fellow West Virginians and to work to earn your trust, and to serve votes, as their Supreme court,” Armstead wrote in a message.

Today I joined run as speaker of the house and the file for which the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals this afternoon. I am looking forward to talking with my fellow West Virginians and to work to earn your trust, and to serve votes, as their Supreme court.

— Tim Armstead (@ArmsteadWV) August 21, 2018

If the secretary of state’s office has said Armstead is not required to terminate, he said he was going to ensure that his candidacy is out of the question.

The move accusations fueled by the state’s Democrats, that a previous attempt to accuse several government judge of the Supreme court, a seizure of power by the GOP legislature.

House lawmakers recently, four of the court, the five judges accused of, then you withdraw. All four were ordered Tuesday in the Senate. Sept. To answer 11 charges against you.

Robin Davis, second from right, joined by the West Virginia state Supreme Court on Aug. 14 after the legislature elected to their charges, and the judge, Margaret worker, left, Allen Loughry, second from left, and Beth Walker, right.

The prosecution’s probe was prompted by questions, the more than $3 million in renovations to the judges in the offices of extended and wider allegations of corruption, incompetence and neglect of duty.

Armstead recused himself had the question of the house debate on the trust, because he expressed a previously interest in, serve on the court.

More recently, he and U.S. Rep. Evan Jenkins, a Republican, is not seeking re-election and lost his bid for the U.S. Senate this spring, both of which are applied as for the temporary occupation of the Supreme Court by Gov. Jim Justice.

These appointments would last until the November election is certified.

Jenkins a candidate for a different seat, said space in the yard in the November election, which is officially nonpartisan.

The West Virginia democratic party, said on Twitter of Armstead’s resignation, “No surprise here, more self-serving movements for political gain, and the task of the people of West Virginia in his district.”

In a statement announcing his resignation, Armstead said he wants “to spend as much time as possible for West Virginians to meet, and to earn your trust and your votes, you are on your Supreme court.”

Armstead filed Tuesday, the deadline to run in the non-partisan race for the vacancy created last month, as Menis Ketchum is retired and agreed to, plead guilty to wire fraud in connection with his personal use of a state vehicle and fuel.

Robin Davis resigned from the court Aug. 14 after the legislature elected to their charges, and the judge Allen Loughry, Margaret worker, and Beth Walker.

Davis and at least one Democratic legislators, the Republicans accused have-to-turn-led legislature, which she said was a legitimate concern of the charges against Loughry, in a blatant attempt to get on the court.

The democratic delegates Barbara Evans Fleischauer of Monongalia County called for the removal from office of other judges, “tear a power to … and to take the impeachment process, on a different branch of the government.”

Jenkins and six other candidates have registered to run for Davis’ seat in November. Armstead and nine other candidates have registered to run for the seat Ketchum cleared.

Loughry faces six charges, the allegations of the expenditure of $363,000 on office renovations, will take home a $42,000 antique Desk owned by the state, and of lying to a house Committee.

Loughry, walkers and workers, the cost of all accused of abuse of power of attorney by a lack of control in the office and not the maintenance of the guidelines on the use of state vehicles, office, Computer, home, and other matters.

Workers, the faces of the two separate impeachment article in connection with allegations that they allowed to be a senior-status judge, paid higher wages than are allowed.

Armstead was appointed to a house seat from Kanawha County, was elected in 1998 on a vacant seat later this year. He served as house minority leader and as speaker in December 2014, after the Republicans won a majority control of the house of representatives and the Senate for the first time in eight decades.

Some Democrats have said that the impeachments were strategically allow time with the majority of the Republican legislators, call the Governor, your temporary replacement.

“There is never a time in history where a branch of the government controls allegedly another branch,” Senate democratic leader Roman Prezioso said on Monday. “And for the Governor to appoint to be able to be, the people will be replaced, as it is obvious, that the fear of a lot of the Democratic senators and members of the house, also.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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