West-African countries to consider intervention in the Gambia

West-African countries to consider intervention in the Gambia

Photo: AFP

African countries seize on possible military as the Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh continues to refuse to make way for his successor, Adama, Barrow.

Chairman Marcel de Souza of the West African economic grouping ECOWAS warned Jammeh that “nobody has the right against the will of the people”.

According to De Souza’s troops in a heightened state of alert for the event that Jammeh continues to sit as his term of office ends in January.

The Gambian president announced after the elections. initially to the board, but thought for a week later. According to Jammeh, the elections are not fair.

Diplomats have said that ECOWAS is probably not itself the knot decision about a military intervention, but first, permission will ask the Security council of the United Nations. The economic partnership sent earlier troops to Liberia and Sierra Leone during civil wars in the countries.

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