Wesley Sneijder takes a glass of wine with dinner can athletes

Wesley Sneijder takes a glass of wine with dinner can athletes

Wesley Sneijder regularly drink one or two glasses of wine with dinner. The footballer is of the opinion that the athletes are not hurt.

“If you have good wine have you there is also not too much of it,” says the 32-year-old Orange-international to News.

Sneijder has recently with the Italian businessman Fabio Cordella his own wine on the market. The footballer himself is I started drinking wine. “I have a free early learning to drink. I always have a glass of wine with dinner drunk. I think it’s great. You will be after eating a little bit tired of, I like that a lot.”

A preference for white or red wine has Sneijder for sure. “I prefer red wine. I am of the sweet life. White wine is only ideal if it’s nice weather and not too late in the evening. In the evening is nice.”


Despite the release of its own wine emphasizes the midfielder that the focus is still on football is. He plays football currently at Turkish club Galatasaray. “I will continue to play football until the end, as long as I but a value can be in the team where I am active. It is so far great in Istanbul.”

Sneijder has to say well in the Turkish capital. “Despite the events in the country we have the excellent. Here it is colder now, but for the rest like it fine here.”

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