We’re going to just go to quarter-finals DUTCH cup (closed)

The team is hoping Tuesday will be at the expense of Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands in the quarter-finals of the TOTO, THE Cup is reached. The race, in Limburg, netherlands, was last week after the 63 minute for a 1-to-1 mode was discontinued due to the heavy fog. Then, follow the remainder of the meeting in our liveblog.

Hi, my name is Jeroen, Bijma, and I will keep you in this liveblog, at the height of the rest of the game between Fortuna Sittard and Feyenoord in the eighth finals of the KNVB Cup.

  • Fortuna Sittard-Feyenoord
  • Eighth-finals in the cup
  • Outcome 1-to-1
  • It resumed in the 63rd minute
  • Last week it stopped because of the fog

THE cup · the 2-minute geledenLuciano Narsingh: “You will have your chance to lie in wait as a striker. I know that Sinisterra is a great topper it is. He headed the ball back in, and I am so lucky to be in. It should be a lot better on my end, but I’ve had a good preparation for playing on the second half of the season and a lot of this line, too.THE cup for 10 minutes geleden120 Last! We’re going to win, in the extreme, with a 1-2 and moves on to the quarter-finals of the KNVB cup.THE cup · 12 minutes ago there are120′ GOAL in the Club! 1-2

We’re going to come in in the last minute of extra time, still in the lead. Substitute player Luciano Narsingh tap in after breedleggen Luis Sinisterra, from a cross by Rick Karsdorp.THE cup of · an 18-minute geleden114′, Fortuna Sittard is in a very close 2-1. Felix Passlack seems to be scoring with the outside of his right foot, but the goalkeeper Justin Bijlow gets to see his finger tips against the ball.THE cup · is a 20-minute geleden112′, Fortuna Sittard) wins a free kick in a metre or two from the end, but Mark Diemers will shoot right into the hands of the keeper, this One Bijlow.THE cup · 23-geleden109′ Well we’re going to change it for the second time. Rick Karsdorp is for Orkun Kökcü, which, according to his hamstring and grabs, and just like Nicolai Jørgensen, the burden appears to have an injury.THE cup · is a 24-minute geleden108 ” Finally, a good opportunity for the Team. Jens Toornstra has just arrived in the penalty area but the angle of the pick, but it will shoot straight at the goalkeeper Alexei Koselev.THE cup · the 27-minute geleden106 The second half of the extension is commenced.THE cup · the 27-minute geleden105 The first half of the extension has been completed. Leroy Fer is going to be after the last of which seems to be the worst at Lutsharel Owner, who, according to him, in violation of the By Ciss had to adapt to it.THE cup · is 29 minutes geleden104′ By Ciss will receive a yellow card, due to the removal of the Lutsharel Owner.THE cup of · 33 minutes and geleden100′ we’re going to, it’s a little loose on the road. The visitors are not in the vicinity of the enemy goal, and the need to allow for that, Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, the initiative to take over.THE cup · of 38 minutes geleden95 ” Finally, there is the first warning of Fortuna Sittard. Mark Diemers out from the edge of the penalty area, forcing goalkeeper Justin Bijlow to make a rescue.THE cup of · 40 minutes ago

May be we’re going to make a difference on the road?
With 95 #forfey (1-to-1) 🏆

AvatarAuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen20:36 – January 28, 2020KNVB cup · a 42-minute geleden91 in the increase is the first opportunity for the Team. Luis Sinisterra try it out at a distance from the pivot, and his attempt to sail the ship, but right next to the road.THE cup · 44-minute geleden91 The first half of the extension is commenced.THE cup is one-hour geleden90, ” The ninety minutes (or, in this case, the remaining 27 minutes of sitting on it. We are going to extend it.THE cup is one-hour geleden90 ” There will be two minutes of stoppage time at the. We are heading towards a renewal.THE cup is one-hour geleden90 one change to the side, Fortuna Sittard. Martin Angha replaces the Same Dessers.THE cup is one-hour geleden86′ Well we’re going to change it for the first time. Luciano Narsingh in order to Nicolai Jørgensen, who, according to his groin grabs, and, therefore, the burden appears to have an injury.THE cup is one-hour geleden83 The first switch is on the side of the Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. Bassala Sambou replace Vitalie Damashkan.THE mug is one from a day ago

Still, for a moment, and we are now in the final ten minutes of normal time…
The team was given the opportunity through Toornstra, but it is still the same.
79′ #forfey (1-to-1)

AvatarAuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen20:16 am – January 28, 2020KNVB-cup, one-hour geleden75′ we’re going to have the reins firmly in his hands. In the End, have little to fear from Fortuna Sittard, but only a quarter of an hour to an extension of the stay is prevented.THE cup is one-hour geleden72′ Is a great opportunity for the Club. Jens Toornstra pops up with a one-two with Nicolai Jørgensen is free in front of Alexei Koselev, but the keeper comes in, and the winner of the fight.THE cup is one-hour geleden67 The first opportunity for the Team. Steven Berghuis gets in a combination with Orkun Kökcü in the penalty area in the space in order to get out of it, but he’s shooting very near it.THE cup is one-hour geleden64 2 of the Fortuna Sittard-Feyenoord in the KNVB cup started.THE cup is one-hour geledenDe of the players of Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, and we’re going to get on the field. In a few minutes, going to get the ball rolling again in the fog, the Fortuna Sittard football Stadium.THE cup is one-hour geledenFeyenoord-year-old Dick Advocaat: “I’ve been with the players and told them as little as possible to risk to take, since there are only 27 more minutes to go. However, it is important that the defense have something more pressing to society. We went last week on a little too much towards the back, which we ourselves are unnecessarily hard time.”THE cup of · 2-hour geledenFortuna Sittard, the netherlands-year-old Sjors Ultee: “We have been discussing in this match, especially the focus on what we need to do ahead of, or lagging behind. We are not a quarter of an hour break to make it easy to talk about, so the players need to be on the field and know what they are getting, if there is a change in the current situation.”THE cup of · 2-hour geledenOndanks that there may be a small, half-an-hour played, but a lot of the fans of the Club went to the restaurant and bar.

“We support the Feyenoord boys!’ 🙌
More than 450 male/female to be strong in the restaurant and bar. Great to see you again next year!

AvatarAuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen19:30 pm – January 28, 2020KNVB cup · 2 hours agothe Club was in a disadvantaged game just before half-time the lead through an unfortunate own goal By Ciss, but what can I say, Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, immediately after the break, the balance in the balance thanks to a nice hit by Felix Passlack. Not much later, it could no longer continue to be in football.THE cup · of 2 hours agoand The game between Fortuna Sittard and Feyenoord will be in the 63rd minute, it resumed at a 1-to-1 mode. Referee Kevin Blom was last week, and after more than an hour of play on a strike due to the thick fog in the stadium, and from the middle line, the two goals are not able to see and touch judges in an offside wasn’t able to find something like that.THE cup · 2 hours agoFortuna Sittard, the netherlands does not perform any changes to the line-up. By Ciss, which is with some pains now, just to play with.

Preparation Of Fortuna Sittard, The Netherlands: Koselev; Essers, Ninaj, Amiot, Cox; Passlack, Smith, Diemers, Tesfaldet; Ciss, Damashkan.THE cup · 2 hours agowe’re going to perform a change in the line-up for the remainder of the away game at Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands in the eighth finals of the TOTO, THE Cup tournament from the previous week and abandoned the duel. Luis Sinisterra will replace the ailing Sam Larsson.

Drafting Team: Bijlow; Married, Botteghin, Senesi, Malacia; Fer, Toornstra, Kökcü; Mountain House, A Real Oasis, Sinisterra.The KNVB-cup · 5-hour geledenDe missing is on tonight, in any case, it is not a spanner in the works throw out the rest of the game between Fortuna Sittard and Feyenoord in the eighth-finals of the TOTO for THE Cup.

Good Afternoon @The Club 👋🏻
Update from Sittard, the netherlands:
All of it is yet to be seen! 🧐
#SamenNaoVeure #FORFEY #KNVBBeker

AvatarAuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen15:57 am – 28 January, 2020Back to top

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