We’re going to have to be careful with a small lead against the United

After PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag (3-1), FC Groningen-Sparta Rotterdam (2-0) and FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands (2-1), which will be in the Premier league-matchday ended with a Team-Heracles Almelo (16.45). Follow all the live.

  • LIVE:
  • Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo 1-0
  • Results:
  • PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag 3-1
  • FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard 2-1
  • FC Groningen-Sparta Rotterdam 2-0

Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · * * * a few seconds ago,to the accompaniment of some improvisation keeps the Team United are still scoring, but it may be only for a short time and more good for the team.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the 5-minute geleden55′ we’re going to come in the second half, and have not taken into account. In the second half and the hard against, in order to do so, at the end chasing United, and is hardly half of the audience.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo, the netherlands · 11 minutes geleden49′ United out of the locker room. Mauro Júnior is imminent, and to ensure that the Almeloërs now, which is often in the vicinity of the Vermeer has been in the whole of the first half.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the 15-minute geleden46′ The ball back into The Bowl. Can Heracles, after resting a fist against the Club, or to go to the End of their fourth win of the season in the books?Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 20 minutes agoWith the purchase of Marcos, Senesi, in the back of love we’re going to at the moment is zero. However, this does have to do with the offensive impotence of the United than the solid part of the city’s inhabitants. In the Former, itself, looks still a little uncomfortable with it.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 26 minutes ago –the Team-trainer: Jaap Stam has applausje for the players. Let’s assume that he has it in his hands snapped to his team, to stir up, as the goal of Toornstra, after there’s little to applaud in The Cockpit and up to date.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 31 minutes ago,Alone. We’re going to lead halfway up the home game against Heracles Almelo 1-0 thanks to a stunning goal by Jens Toornstra. The wonderful gain weigh, however, not to take on the rest of the boring side.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the 31-minute geleden45+1 ” is A nice attack of the Team is not Sinisterra was rewarded with a hit. Jörgensen explains that the ball is ready for cooking with the heart, the commitment of the Colombian, go just past the post.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the 38-minute geleden39, ” How is it possible that we’re going to be in this minute with the head start and doubles? The first is a commitment by Sinisterra suspended by the feet from Blaswich, after a few seconds, usually mountain house wild in front after the ball has been stuck, and a little while later to shoot Sinisterra, in all the freedom is over. It wouldn’t be the first time this season that this kind of mistakes, we’re going to be later in the game to break up.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 40 minutes ago,Which would be more expensive: for a ticket to the stadium or take a trip on a hot air balloon? If we’re going to make fans get into the basket under the balloon, and sit, and we hope that they use their binoculars to have taken into account.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the 42-minute geledenDat Jens Toornstra are the majority of goals, keep it in The Bowl, it is by now well known. Only Luuk de Jong (52 goals in a match at the Philips Stadium of PSV eindhoven) scored more often in a particular stadium since the Feyenoorder are doelpuntenrekening was opened, on behalf of the People.

30 – Since joining @Feyenoord in 2014, only Luuk de Jong have scored more Premier league goals at a single venue (52 at the Philips Stadium than Jens Toornstra (up to 30 at The Bowl). The modern Comforts.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen17:10 – October 20, 2019Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the 43-minute geleden34 ” Because it is the first real chance for United. Czyborra, cross to Dos Santos ‘ clever way, but the shank of the ball just in front of the goal by Vermeer. We’re going to go over well with the management, but also with the purchase of Senesi be there in the back far from watertight at the End.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden31’ Sinisterra dribbles in and pulls one out. The ball goes right to the Blaswich ex.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden29 According to the statistics, this is the first shot from Heracles, but to the rollertje of Dessers seems to be really bad.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo-four hours ago,Jens Toornstra, celebrates his opening goal, while Nicolai Jörgensen is on his way to congratulate him. It’s the first hit in before you put it in The Bowl, since joining the Team in 2014.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden24 After a combination of Haps, and mountain house is given Jörgensen’s a chance to get back in to the base to listen to the ref. The the And miss is apparently still a bit of rhythm because he has to shoot over.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo-four hours ago,Jens Toornstra looks at his efforts, while on the way to the cross. Beautiful goal from the midfield has been the occasional peak up to now, in which low flames.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden17′ mountain hut there is a free-kick for sixteen of Heracles, but instead of a head of a player, only the hands of the Blaswich, that is, the ball is wegstompt.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo-four hours ago ina 14′ GOAL to the Team! 1-0

Be the first to move in this direction, it is a worthy opener for the hoogtepuntenclipje. As a solo Ridgeciano Perhaps it is came across, and then get the ball to the feet of Jens Toornstra is coming. The midfielder, doubt not, and kogelt the ball beautifully from a meter or two into the intersection. Janis Blaswick the ball along to hear the still small voice.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo-four hours ago,Dario van den Buijs was heard a few minutes before the kick-off, only that he was supposed to start. As a replacement for Robin Pröpper is taking the Belgian to the aanvoerdersband about it, and he has been playing with the rainbow on the arm.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden7, ” The opening, it is not about the money in The Bucket. Both teams are eyes to become restless and the playing is very sloppy. The well-known peer-to-front, we have been a couple of times to get.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden1′ we’re going to have the ball to start it rolling in the final match of the tenth round of the Premier league is on its way.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geledenDe Bowl is sold out for the match of the Season against Heracles of Almelo, the netherlands.

The team did this season, though an occupancy rate of only 73 percent, and in the match against Heracles Almelo it will probably not be for the positive figures are concerned. #feyher

AvatarAuteurJeroen BijmaMoment of plaatsen16:42 am – October 20, 2019FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands-four hours ago, theFC Groningen, does, today, for the fifth time this season and zero in the Premier league. Only in AZ could be six times higher.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the 2-hour geledenPech for Heracles Almelo. The captain, Robin Pröpper crochet during the warm-up league finish. Trainer Frank Wormuth points out, Dario van den Buijs on as a substitute.

❌ Robin Pröpper has been in the warm-up and dropped out with a minor injury.
Dario van den Buijs has been a substitute in the basiself.

AvatarAuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen16:26 – October 20, 2019FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 2 hours ago itwill be over! FC Emmen have made a hard-won victory against Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. The drent egyptians have come by a goal from Bassala Sambou is still on the backlog, but the person in the list, with Michael de Leeuw, and Sergio Peña, who, after a rest over.FC Groningen-Sparta · 2 hours ago itwill be over! FC Groningen to win and after a frantic second-half labours to 2-0 on the Race. A And Sierhuis, and Charlison Benschop are taking the lead in the hit to their bank account, while Bryan Smith, on behalf of Spartan short-half with a free kick and missed it.FC Groningen-Sparta · 2 hours ago90+4′ GOAL for FC Groningen! 2-0

Benschop, from the eleven-meter has no error, and throws the match in the final.FC Groningen-Sparta · 2 hours ago90+2′ free Kick for Groningen, and a red Spartan!

A for action: Tim Coremans! The spain international is upset on Sierhuis, and to share and then a head butt to the crowd. Coremans, have to go meeting should be an opportunity to take it.FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 2-hour geleden89′ What a great opportunity for Ciss to be Stood next to Emmen zoo to remove it. The Program reads from there in the direction of the centre of the goal, but his commitment is no better way to be turned on by Telgenkamp.FC Groningen-Sparta · 2 hours ago there areis 85′, GOAL for FC Groningen! 1-0

We will have to wait a long time, but it is a goal of the city of Groningen. As Sierhuis is still very much intact, turn freely, and get the shot.FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 2 hours ago –82′ GOAL for FC Emmen! 2-1

What a goal by Sergio Peña! The Peruvian international to curl the ball in from a metre or two, with a lot of feeling into the goal. Emmen zoo has, for the first time today and have a lead over the competition.Feyenoord-Heracles · 2 hours ago theHusband Senesi, the first Argentinian with a move to Liverpool ever since Mariano Bombarda, on the 29th of may, 2003. The team won 3-1 to Roda JC.FC Groningen-Sparta · 2 hours ago –Sergio Padt will be today, for the fifth year in a free kick. All the major european leagues-these were the only Jeroen Zoet, Kenneth Vermeer, and more penalties (one to six) were against it.Feyenoord-Heracles · a 2-hour geledenEn, and also to the formation of the United. Dabney dos Santos replaces Silvester of of of of of Water.

❌ Silvester van der Water is missing because of a muscle injury
How️ Dabney Dos Santos is his replacement

AvatarAuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen15 on:28 – October 20, 2019FC in Groningen-the Race · a 2-hour geleden71′ Post! El-Messaoudi, seems, on behalf of FC Groningen to score, but he will go on to the woodwork.Feyenoord-Heracles · 2 hours ago there areAlso Nicolai Jørgensen will appear soon on the attack. The attacker will miss the first matches of the season due to various injuries.FC Groningen-Sparta · 2 hours ago there isa 56′ Motor fog tonight!

Sergio Padt is a hero in Groningen. The final item on the to dive into to the top right corner and then the free kick from Smith.FC Groningen-Sparta · 2 hours agoa 55′ free Kick and the Race!

Zeefuik was pounding on a big way, Harroui down. It’s a mystery referee spoke no Italian, but only after the intervention of the VAR are allowed to Race still has an opportunity to participate.
FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 2 hours ago –52′ GOAL for FC Emmen! 1-to-1

Michael de Leeuw. In reference to Lorenzo Burnet seconds, the attacker is a 1-to-1 against the ropes).Premier league · 3-hour geleden46, ” We’re back on the road at FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard (0-1) FC Groningen-Sparta (0-0).Feyenoord-Heracles·, the 3-hour geledenMarcos Senesi, is when we’re going out this afternoon for the first time in the foundation. In the End, take it in The Tub, against Heracles Almelo, the netherlands.

XI the Team! 🔴⚪️⚫️

AvatarAuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen15:24 – October 20, 2019FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 3 hours ago theRest. Due to restrictions from Bassala Sambou results of Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands with 0-1 at FC Emmen, the netherlands.FC Groningen-Sparta · 3 hours ago theRest. In Groningen and in the Race after a poor first half for the dressing: 0-0.FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard · the 3-hour geleden42′ Emmen ‘ is not in a position to make a Fortune out of. The People continue to be easy to get up and lead a run-of Sambou 1-2.FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 3-minute walk fromFC Emmen did this season, only one time, at least to a point, at a disadvantage. At the Club, it was earlier this year and is 3-3 as the team is then at a 0 to 2-behind the chapel.FC Groningen-Sparta · 3 hours agoIf you are in the first half-hour of football club FC Groningen-Sparta (haven’t seen it, then you didn’t miss a thing. The opportunities are in short supply in the Hitachi Capital Mobility at the Stadium.FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 3 hours agoFor Bassala Sambou, it is already in its second League match in a row, its score is. Two weeks ago against the Team he was with for a header for 4-1.FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 3 hours ago –16′ GOAL to Fortuna Sittard! From 0 to 1

Fortuna takes the lead in the province of Drenthe! Bassala Sambou pull from the left to the inside and shoot the ball into the far corner. A nice goal for the English striker.Back to top

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