We’re going to chase after the second half at the lake at FC Utrecht

In the Premier league are on Sunday, five matches are on the program. Fortuna Sittard-Willem II finished in 2-3, FC Twente-RKC, it was 3-3, and at 16.45, his Club FC Utrecht and AZ and FC Groningen. 20: 00 follow Heracles Almelo-PSV eindhoven. Follow our liveblog.

Good afternoon! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you from this liveblog, on the level of the matches in the Premier league.

  • LIVE:
  • Liverpool-FC-Utrecht – 1-to-1
  • AZ-Groningen 0-0
  • Program:
  • 20: 00: Heracles-PSV
  • Results:
  • Fortuna-Willem II, 2-3
  • FC Twente-RKC 3-3

Feyenoord-FC Utrecht-four hours ago, The discharge to the players of the Team in the image of the 1-to-1 on Ridgeciano Perhaps.AZ-FC Groningen · 2 minutes geleden56′ Off Lundqvist seems to be injured, to have hooks for FC Groningen in the netherlands. After an injury treatment limps his way through the field.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · the 5-minute geleden55′ we’re going to fail here drop start to come out, and FC Utrecht all the way from the place of the 1-to-1 on Ridgeciano Perhaps. Steven Berghuis will get lots of space, and can be quite vicious, but it is no more than a soft partition.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · the 7-minute geleden53′ we’re going to come lashing out of the starting blocks in the second half. After the goal, Ridgeciano Perhaps is Luis Sinisterra, almost came up to Liam Kelly. Goalkeeper Maarten Paes respond to alert and grabs the ball in a timely manner, of the Rotterdam match.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 9 minutes ago –51′ GOAL in the Club! 1-to-1

The Cockpit exploded with relief. Ridgeciano Perhaps pegelt the sublime in the linkerkruising, and bring the Club onboard with FC Utrecht, the netherlands.AZ-FC Groningen · 13 hours agoKick-off! AZ-FC Groningen is back on the road. Will there be a winner in The Hague. The score, 0-0.Liverpool-FC-Utrecht-15 minutes agoto Kick off! With the ball rolling back in The Cockpit for the second half of the Season and FC Utrecht. Repairs to the home team even with the injury?Liverpool-FC-Utrecht-15 minutes ago there isa Double change for Liverpool: – Trainer: Jaap Stam intervenes ruthlessly hard on the Team. He, Leroy Fer, and a newcomer, Edgar Miguel Ié Jan-Arie van der Heijden, and Sam Larson. For Ié is making his debut for the Club.AZ-FC Groningen · 30 minutes agoto Rest. AZ and FC Groningen are still not at the mercy of The Hague, and it’s a 0-0-halftime as a consequence.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 32 minutes ago, theRest. Whistles and booing sound in The Cockpit. The club is just 45 minutes of football, with the 0 to 1 behind at FC Utrecht, thanks to a goal from Issah Abass. In the End to dominate, but to have the tractor and in no way can be in front of him.AZ-FC Groningen · the 32-minute geleden45+1′ great chance for the a-Z out for a corner kick. Oussama Idrissi you shoot from up close, against a Groningen-based body.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · the 34-minute geleden44 ” The game is still in The Tub. The medical staff of the football club Utrecht, is running overtime, because it is both Issah Abass Adam Maher will need to be treated.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a 35-minute geleden43′ Liam Kelly is messed up, here is a great opportunity for the Club. In the End to get some space after a good interception by Renato Tapia. Using mountain house, and Larsson is hit the ball to Kelly, who is just a poor boogballetje to be able to produce.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · the 38-minute geleden40′ Issah Abass, it is a nuisance for the couple of defense (dod). The striker from FC Utrecht, was once again on the back of a motorbike, trumps, Jan-Arie van der Heijden, and get a move on As the painter, and where to travel in the free-standing Gyrano Church will be a better option it seems.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a 40-minute geledenFC Utrecht, to know what it’s like to walk out of the starting blocks, coming up against the traditional top three teams.

10 – @fcutrecht are the only team with a 2019 league on goal in the first ten minutes against Ajax (1-min), Liverpool (9th min.) & PSV (7th min.). Chapter.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen17:23 – August 18, 2019Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a 42-minute geleden37′ my god! Steven Berghuis with looking at a shot. The attempt was the most dangerous attacker of the Team bursts forth at the image.AZ-FC Groningen · 44 minutes geleden34′ Ugly collision between the Z-player Jonas Svensson and FC Groningen player, He Absalem. The doctors and nurses are quick in the field to be summoned. Absalem, there seems to be at its worst on them.AZ-FC Groningen-four hours geleden32′ And Sierhuis, go on an adventure with the ball of the foot, but his shot lacks power and direction. FC Groningen have had more to do.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geleden32′ the First yellow card of the match has to end Issah Abass, who is too wild, go to Ridgeciano Perhaps.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geleden31′, and Eric Botteghin will come in a few sizes short of the rotating free-kick from Steven Berghuis to the mix. FC Utrecht’s pressure in The vessel.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geleden28′ my god! Willem Janssen is very close to the 0 to 2-for-FC-Utrecht, the netherlands. The leader of the Domstedelingen and blasts off in a corner, right on.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht-four hours ago, thePoor statistics in the showers of the Club. For the Locals, this is the fourth thuisduel in the Premier league in a row, in which the opening goal on the receiving end.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geleden23′ we’re going to get a free-kick in a good spot. Liam Kelly is going to be behind the ball, but his body is too far backward, at the time of the shooting. As a logical consequence is that the ball is on the goal of martin Paes flies.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geleden22′ we’re going to retain the initiative and try to use the built in Utrecht, wall-to-bad. The team of coach: Jaap Stam success yet, but that is very rare in. FC Utrecht will on the other hand a lot of space for a counter.AZ-FC Groningen-four hours geleden19′, FC Groningen, and steal is the right. Amazing Lundqvist put on a striker And Sierhuis, who is a duikkopbal on targets.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht-four hours ago,and The disappointment in the face of a Feyenoorder, Jan-Arie van der Heijden to create after the 0-1 of the Utrechter Issah Abass.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht-four hours ago,Issah Abass turned to the higher power, and after his first goal for FC Utrecht, the netherlands. The visitors ‘ lead with 0-1 in The Bowl.AZ-FC Groningen-four hours geleden15 ” Because it is the first great opportunity for the right. Groningen-Zeefuik, delivers the ball as a gift to Idrissi, who is from a nice position aiming at.AZ-FC Groningen-four hours ago, itis a 15′ by AZ and FC Groningen are a quarter of an hour on the road, in The Hague, the netherlands. The Alkmaarders to dominate, but to know the local wall-not too bad. We’ll have to wait on a whim of the bewierookte trio Stengs-still doing it-Idrissi.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geleden13 ” Great opportunity for the Club. Luciano Narsingh is very handsome with Justin Hoogma in the back and shoot him right in front. We’re going to want to lead FC Utrecht to quickly remove it.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht-four hours ago,a 9′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! From 0 to 1

Issah Abass scored out of nothing in The Bowl! Sam Larsson delivers the ball from Abass and go on an adventure in which he and Eric Botteghin to be a pawn falls, and goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer no chance to be late.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geleden7′ Maarten Paes in need of a FC Utrecht for a season. Rico Strieder extends in a shot from Steven Berghuis to be unhappy, which causes the ball to go to the rechterkruising direction. Paes, tap ‘m a graceful, out of the corner.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geleden7′ we’re going to let herself, for the first time against FC Utrecht, the netherlands. Ridgeciano Perhaps moved over to the left, and gives a tight ball. Willem Janssen is the headline of the ball in the Utrecht box.AZ-FC Groningen-four hours geleden4’ First chance to play for FC Groningen in the netherlands. Amazing Lundqvist is aiming the ball a metre over the goal of the AZ-goalkeeper Marco Bizot.AZ-FC Groningen-four hours ago, toKick-off! Also, at The Hague, has been kicked off. AZ-FC Groningen is on its way.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht-four hours ago, theKick-off! The ball will roll into The Bowl! Feyenoord-FC Utrecht has been started.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geledenDe the tunnel is open, and the players of Feyenoord and FC Utrecht enter in the field and in The Cockpit. The People are dressed in a special shirt with a “Power, Carlo!” at that. When the head equipment manager, Carlo de Leo has recently been tongue cancer were identified.AZ-FC Groningen · 2 hours agoDoan takes off with a headache
Ritsu Doan is still out of action for FC Groningen in the netherlands. The Japanese has a problem during the warm-up is too much of a headache, please let coach Danny Buijs in the FOX Sports. Sam Schreck takes his place. Doan is in the last few days have already been linked with a transfer to PSV eindhoven.FC Twente-RKC · 2 hours ago –FC Twente-and his side are in balance, in a spectacular
FC Twente and RKC has stalled on a tie-in for a true spectacle in Enschede, the netherlands. Ten minutes before the time to lead his side still in with a 1-2, and then the home team with two hits of Haris Vuckic in a 3-2 come. Paul Quasten will prevent the defeat of the Waalwijkers with a 3-3 in stoppage time. The last three goals came in a span of three minutes.FC Twente-RKC · a 2-hour geleden90+6′ Pile! Hans Mulder will be the and winning it for his side in the shoe, but beat the keeper and His Devil is going to get the ball in the post.FC Twente-RKC · 2 hours ago90+3′ GOAL for his side! 3-3

Can’t believe it, what a climax. FC Twente are defending like a bunch of children, and Paul Quasten puntert in the second half for his side.FC Twente-RKC · 2 hours ago90+2′ GOAL for FC Twente. 3-2

What a crazy ending in the city of Enschede! Rafik Zekhnini scores Arjen Robben-style, and he’s going from the left to the inside and curl the ball in with his right into the far bottom corner. A gem of a match.FC Twente-RKC · a 2-hour geleden90′ with The minimum of extra playing time for FC Twente-RKC is a six-minute. For the fans of the home team yell, ” All-or-nothing, olé, olé!’FC Twente-RKC · a 2-hour geleden90′ GOAL for FC Twente. 2-2

Haris Vuckic contact with a defeat for FC Twente against RKC! The midfielder moves with the ball and viewed along the RKC goalkeeper, Kees Heemskerk. There’s more in the tank for the home team?FC Twente-RKC · a 2-hour geleden88′ the Last change for FC Twente: battering ram, Tom is No need something to force the issue. It is the Duke Roemeratoe.FC Twente-RKC · a 2-hour geleden87 Yellow card for Xandro Schenk, Marco Bilate for the free passage of the website. FC Twente, the handbalverdediging but difficult to harass.FC Twente-RKC · a 2-hour geleden83′ Final change for his side: Said Bakari, has leg cramps and is forced to out to the side. Hans Mulder will take over the baton.AZ-FC Groningen · 2 hours agoIn Den Haag, chase a-Z at the top position in the Premier league. The team of the trainer’s Time Slot is still clear in the league, while FC Groningen are a reasonable start to experience with just one win from the two matches. AZ will play in Den Haag, because it is in the centre of the Alkmaarders haven’t played it, may be due to a collapsed roof.

Lineup a-Z: Bizot; Svensson, Hatzidiakos, Koopmeiners, Wijndal; Midtsjo, van la parra, Ouwejan; Stengs, still doing it, Idrissi airport.

Preparation of FC Groningen, Padt; Zeefuik, Van Hintum, Itakura, Absalem; Lundqvist, Matusiwa; Hrustic, Doan, Gudmundsson; Sierhuis.FC Twente-RKC · 2 hours ago78′ GOAL for his side! 1-2

His side is back in the lead in the city of Enschede! Ingo van Weert takes full advantage of this messy work in the defence of FC Twente, and let it beat the keeper and His Devil won’t stand a chance.Back to top

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