Wendy van Dijk is returning to SBS with a datingprogramma Flirty Dancing

Be the first to Wendy van Dijk for the Dutch television SBS6 is present, it is datingprogramma Flirty Dancing, which the candidates will dance with each other before, they only have one word to each other and have to be exchanged. Van Dyke is a great program to get back to the station, she says, in a conversation with

Van Dyke will be on the 8th of september, after thirteen years of absence, returned to SBS6, once at the beginning of this year, let us know the RTL, in exchange for the employer’s Talpa. “It feels really good to be back at the old nest,” says Van Dijk. The 48-year-old tv presenter said that a datingprogramma is not necessarily on her wish list was, but Flirty Dancing ” is a perfect show for her to return to Dutch television SBS6.

“It’s very feel-good, it’s nice to look at, it’s about the people who are looking for love. It’s a nod and a wink and a sense of humor, so it feels like a romcom. I just did it for me and to go and to zwierend the picture.”

Van Dijk was back on the agenda. “I do love myself immensely, dancing, I am a seven-year pro has been,” says the presenter, who is dancing and the dating good to each other is adjusted. “It used to be ballroom dancing a part of education, to come and see you there in the future, love against them. My parents have also come to know. That is, it is becoming less and less, and while it’s a great way to get to know one another.”


The van Dyke dance by the Rotterdam’s new program-Flirty Dancing

The first dance, then a date

In Flirty Dancing, the two candidates are independent of each other in a dance of learning, in which the choreography is being created by a choreographer, dancer and Juvat Westendorp. That is to learn the participants in a three-repetitiedagen, and they will perform the dance together. After the meeting the decisions of the candidates independently of each other, whether or not they’re a “real” date is like.

“My job is to make the participants feel good, to feel it with my choreo,” says Head. “When they finally get up and dance, who have bank cards in their system, and they need to be completely on the intention of sitting down. I want them to feel right at home, then, and only then can you go on your date to focus on.”

The dance is taken into account the needs and characteristics of the candidates. “We had one contestant is really into fairy tales so we are looking for a fairy-tale location in time”, explains Head off.

Before the dance, and the music is picked out, the participants things about themselves and their desired future spouse to tell you. “If you want us to do that, click on it, then you will need to listen carefully to the wishes and needs of the candidates,” says Head. “The inner attributes of the requirements in terms of appearance, and on that basis, there will be a numbers chosen, and I had to make the choreo. Has anyone has trouble with others ‘ experience. Allow your back to come up during the dance.”

“The most exciting moments we can share’

Van Dijk said during the shoot, and to have found the formula for the program to work. “You have to know that you are serious in the state, both of which are looking for a potential life partner. And you’ll both be very, very vulnerable.”

“You can be sure to have a click-through to the dance”, thinks the Head. “I do believe in the concept of love at first sight, and that this can be strengthened by physical contact.”

At the critical moment, to see the candidates together for the first time, and they need to be equal with each other in the dance. Of the Embankment and the Head have a look behind the scenes of how the dance goes. “The most exciting moments we can share together,” says the presenter, who expressed admiration for the vulnerability of the applicants to show it.

“You can share the nerves and the adrenaline pumping through your veins screaming, and then you have to touch each other. Very interesting to see,” says Van Dijk. “I was actually on the edge of my seat,” adds Head of. “We must also, of course, at one time, do it right.”

For the Head, this is his first presentatieklus on the tv. “Yes, yes, yes, right next to Wendy’s,” laughs Head. “The click, this is between me and her is good, she makes sure that I am able to flourish, and it gives me the confidence and the space for you.”

Flirty Dancing is, as of Sunday, the 8th of september, at SBS6 at 21: 30.

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