Wells Fargo, TD Bank turn over Trump’s financial records to Dems the house

nearvideo-judge Napolitano: Trump to fight NY bill allows the Congress to get his tax return

New York legislators pass a law to give Congress a path for the access on President Trump’s tax returns. Fox News senior judicial analyst judge Andrew Napolitano explains why the President would win a court battle against the motion.

Wells Fargo and TD Bank.on President Trump’s financial records, the House Financial Services Committee, Fox News confirmed on Thursday that a try in the midst of a contentious legal dispute between the trump administration and the Democrats in Congress, access to sensitive files

The Committee, led by the Chairman Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is one of a number of plates issued subpoenas and requests for the trump financial files.


NBC News first reported that Wells Fargo turned over a couple of thousand documents to the Committee, and TD Bank a handful.

The banks are two of the nine financial institutions with which the Democrats in Congress, seeking cooperation. The push has resulted in an escalating legal dispute on several fronts.

On Wednesday a Federal judge in New York ruled that two other banks, Deutsche Bank and Capitol One, have been obliged to Trump subpoenas of Congress, the access to financial records.

The House Financial Services Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, both of which have requested documents from Deutsche Bank and Capitol One in their investigations of possible “foreign influence in the American political process.”

“We remain committed to appropriate information to all authorized investigations and to hold us by court order in relation to such investigations,” Deutsche Bank said in a statement to Fox News after the decision.

Meanwhile, the house ways and means Committee in the search for the President of the tax return and has issued subpoenas for the files.


Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin said he would not documents match the subpoena for the President’s tax returns last week, but this week was revealed in a confidential draft of the IRS memo, the call to the publication “mandatory” unless the President asserts executive privilege over the financial.

The Washington Post first reported on the 10-page memo that does not Trump mentioned by name, but seems to add a new level of pressure on the White house. Mnuchin, though, has claimed that the Democrats ” requests for trump the tax return “is lacking in a legitimate legislative purpose” and said that his Department is “the disclosure of the requested returns and return information.”

The IRS on Wednesday pushed back on the report, saying the memo does not represent an official position for the Agency.

The confrontation between the Democrats in Congress and the administration will likely lead to a court indicating the battle with Trump allegedly, he is ready to fight all the way to the Supreme court.

Trump declined to reveal his tax return during the 2016 presidential elections, and claimed that he was under examination. Political candidates are not obliged to disclose your tax return, if traditionally all of the candidates.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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