Well-known Hungarian actress Marika Rökk was Sovjetspionne

Well-known Hungarian actress Marika Rökk was Sovjetspionne

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The actress Marika Rökk, who is widely known in enjoyed in Germany during and after the Second world War seems for years a spy for the Soviet union.

Rökk was during the nazi period very popular as an actress. Hitler was a big fan of her and Cultuurminister Joseph Göbbels had an affair with her.

After the war she received as punishment a temporary speelverbod of two years, for her collaboration, but now it seems that for many years a spy for the Soviet union. The German intelligence discovered the refined doubles of Rökk already in 1951, but kept that knowledge till now secret, so reports, among others, The Guardian Monday.

The actress was born in Egypt and had Hungarian parents. She rolled as opera singer, actress and dancer of the German cultural life. Within the shortest of times was her fame is unstoppable and had them everywhere in the top of the nazibestuur friends. They played in forty movies. They would if spy are recruited by her manager Heinz Hoffmeister.


What type of information they in the course of the years, to Moscow doorspeelde, is still undiscovered. She was part of the so-called Kronanetwerk, that the Russians, including very secret information doorspeelde the invasion of the Soviet union.

Rökk ended her film career in 1988. She died in 2004 at the age of 90 in Austria.

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