Welcome to the Thunderdome, Elizabeth Warren

nearvideo Warren gets a pioneer in the treatment of opponents in the Ohio Democrat primary debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is being attacked from all sides on their agenda on the debate stage; handle Jenkins for a summary.

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On the roster: Welcome to the Thunderdome, Elizabeth Warren – Pelosi still don’t bite on impeachment-vote – Gallup: majority now supports Trump’s removal from office – Bevin wins in Kentucky poll – Uncle, Mr. Bradley

WaPo: “Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose steady stream of plans have propelled her to the top of the Democratic presidential field, came under sustained attack for the first time during a rough primary debate here on Tuesday that revealed Democrats,” the current public struggle to define their beliefs and choose a standard-bearer to take on President Trump. Warren (Mass.) faced direct challenges from several of the 11 other candidates on the stage, took her in on your policy to serve your fitness, as the commander-in-chief, and their willingness to question the motives of the Democrats who support less transformative ideas. … The focus on Warren drew the attention of the other face controlling the input on Tuesday, the debate, which was moderated by CNN and the New York Times. The former Vice-President , Joe Biden, went for long stretches without popping up… sen Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), meanwhile, no signs of Anhalt showed health problems.”

Klobuchar, Buttigieg shone through – National Review: “The October Democratic presidential primary debate finally brought a real surprise that a few second-tier candidates, which were in danger, forget woke up, smelled the coffee and brought their A-games: Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg. If you consider, like other second-tier candidates have the good performance in the past few months and seen little movement in the polls, this may not be a turning point in the race for the two candidates. But in a way-too long, often boring debate, who managed to hung in the middle of an otherwise crowded news environment, Klobuchar and Buttigieg, to stand out.”

Sanders and Warren have deep pockets as Biden is burning cash credits: “Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren not only lead the Democratic presidential primary fundraising. You have hoarded millions more than their competitors, including former Vice-President Joe Biden, who burned through money at a fast clip in the last three months, while posting an anemic fundraising haul. Sanders held $33.7 million cash on hand in his third quarter fundraising report. Warren had $25.7 million in the same period, while South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg came in addition to $23.3 million. Biden, in the meantime, instead of just $8.9 million, a fraction of its leading competitors. With the first votes of the Democratic competition only months away, the candidates engage in a critical and expensive time, if with enough cash can make or break a campaign. Biden sum raises questions about his durability as a front-runner.”

Squad to support Sanders – Fox News: “Three members of the so-called “Squad” of far-left freshman members of Congress are lining up behind sen Bernie Sanders for President. Fox News has learned that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, appears with Sanders on Saturday in Queens, NY, to a ‘Bernie’s Back” rally designed to generate enthusiasm for the senator’s campaign after his recent heart procedure. Rep. Ihan Omar, D-Minn., the candidates, Fox News support confirmed. In addition, CNN reported that Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., Cheap Sanders as well. It was not immediately clear whether Omar and Tlaib will appear on the Saturday of the event. … The support would be a serious blow to the campaign of Sen. Elizabeth Warren…”

Steyer spending stupendous – WSJ: “billionaire Tom Steyer appeared on the Democratic presidential debate, setting the stage for the first time Tuesday night, but voters in early States have already seen it on television a thousand times. Mr Steyer, the new Federal filings show cast has almost 48 million dollars of his own money in his long-shot” bid to dominate the TV-screens in the first four States, nominations to hold contests early next year. Since entering the race in July, Mr. Steyer has spent to reach more than $26 million on TV advertising, airing the more than 53,000 places in markets, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada voters, the data from ad-tracking firm Kantar/CMAG shows. All said, this is more than six times as many as in the rest of the Democratic field.”

“Where the whole of the government power is in the hands of the people, it is the less pretense for the use of violent means, in partial or occasional distempers of the state.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 21

Smithsonian: “Invented by Frank Zamboni, the eponymous ice-clearing machine is celebrating its 70 anniversary this year. He applied for his first U.S. patent in 1949 for this innovative idea, which transformed completely, winter sport, by hacked-up ice surface, a freshly-frozen smoothness in a matter of minutes. ‘At the time, he was just a need for trying to address,” says Frank Zamboni, the inventor of the grandson and current President of the Zamboni company. “He saw the need for the rink, which he owned with his brother and cousins… to clean Instead of 1 1/2 hours, the ice was it could be a someone, the payment is to skate on it.” Contrary to popular belief, the Zamboni machine was not invented in Canada—the place of snow and ice, but in Southern California—the land of sun and fun. … As time passed by, he saw a need to clean the ice, so he began to improvise-with-a war-surplus equipment.”

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Biden: 28,2 points (↑ 0.8 point from last wk.)
Warren: 26.4 points (↑ 1.4 points from last wk.)
Sanders: 13.4 points, (↓ 1.2 points from last wk.)
Buttigieg: 6.2 points (↑ 0.6 points from last wk.)
Harris: 4.4 points (↓ 0.2 points from last wk.)
[Mean values Quinnipiac University, Fox News, IBD, Monmouth University and NBC News/WSJ are:.]

Average Approval: 42.2 Percent
The average of the rejection: 54%
Net Rating: -11.8 Percent
Change from a week ago: 0.4 points
[Average, includes: Gallup: 39% approve – 57% oppose it; Quinnipiac University: 41% approve, reject – 54%; Fox News: 43% approve lean – 55%; NPR/PBS/Marist: 45% approve, reject – 51%; NBC/WSJ: 43% approve – 53% disapprove.]

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Politico: “Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the democratic heads of state and government to be a full house vote on the authorization, a charge request in President Donald Trump, according to several lawmakers and aides. Democratic leadership sources caution, however, that the decision ‘could be re-evaluated at some point.’ The move came amid opposition from key Chairman and members of the leadership, as well as a number of centrist Democrats facing difficult re-election bids. Trump, White house officials and Republicans have seized on the Capitol Hill, the absence of such a vote as an unacceptable break with house precedent, and have vowed to resist what they describe as an illegitimate probe. But Democrats defended their current impeachment process, several house committees, the interrogation of witnesses in private, and gather evidence in connection with allegations that Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, pressured Ukrainian officials to initiate an investigation, the former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son — potentially in the danger of US military aid.”

Gallup: majority now supports remove Trump from office – Gallup: “Public opinion, whether Trump should be indicted, remains mixed, but the Americans now lean more in favor of the impeachment and removal from office relative to where they were in June. Currently, 52% say that Trump should be indicted and removed from office, while 46% say he should not be. This is approximately the opposite of what Gallup found in June, if invited, in the framework of special Advisor Robert Mueller‘s investigation.”

Employees, fear of the White house searches for a scapegoat for the Ukraine call – NYT: “President Trump has for weeks tried to expose, the whistleblower, shines a light on his handling of Ukraine. But instead of helpers have fixed on each other: consultant, began a fact-finding review that some fear is a hunt for a scapegoat, according to White house aides and other people familiar with it. Even as the prosecution’s request reinforced in the Congress, the White house lawyers do make their own assessment, the people said. You seek to understand the White house officials’ actions around Mr. Trump is a July 25 call with President Vladimir Zelensky , the Ukraine, the focus of the whistleblower ‘ s allegation that Mr Trump is abusing his power. The lawyers investigation is focusing on why one of your colleagues, the Deputy White House counsel, John A. Eisenberg, placed a rough transcript of the call in a computer system, usually reserved for the country’s most closely guarded secrets. Mr Trump later referred to, and that a reconstructed transcript will be published in the midst of the intensification of the control of house Democrats.”

Mulvaney turns out to be a key figure in the prosecution’s probe – WaPo: “at the end of may, the acting chief of staff of the White house Mick Mulvaney , a meeting organized withdrew from the control of the country the relations with the Ukraine of people with the most expertise in the National security Council and the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Instead, Mulvaney put an unlikely trio heads up the US-Ukraine-account amid worrying signs of a new priority, congressional officials said on Tuesday: to provide pressure on the fledgling government in Kiev, the material that would be politically valuable to President Trump. The work of the “three amigos,” as they came to call themselves diplomats Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker, plus-energy-Secretary Rick Perry — has come to light in the last days by a newly-reported text messages, and the testimony of the government witnesses will appear before an impeachment inquiry in Congress.”

WYMT: “The Mason-Dixon-Kentucky Poll released on early Wednesday morning, and the results are interesting. The survey shows that nationwide, 46 percent of likely voters support Republican Governor – Matt Bevin, while 46 percent of democratic attorney General , Andy Beshear. At the beginning of the year, Beshear held a 48 percent-40 percent lead over Bevin, but the incumbent, has moved into a tie with his Challenger. One percent of the respondents voted for the Libertarian nominee John Hicks, while seven percent were undecided. The survey shows Bevin’s GOP support rose from 67 percent in December to 77 percent. He pulls in 22 percent of the Democrat respondents for the cross-over vote, while Beshear is drawing 15 percent of Republicans. Below the Mason-Dixon survey participants, Bevin led among men, older voters, and rural voters. … The survey credits some of the Bevin the resurgence of President Donald Trump’s popularity in Kentucky and the resistance to his impeachment.”

The second debate was fierce, with personal attacks – Louisville Courier-Journal: “Republican incumbent, Matt Bevin, and Democratic Challenger Andy Beshear had their ugliest public exchange on Tuesday, in the second gubernatorial debate of the fall campaign. The whole discussion, moderated a noise people crowd of Fans at the University of Kentucky campus, the two opponents called each other liars and regularly to each other interrupted, as they were peppered with political questions. When the moderators asked about the possibilities of the students to encourage a career in public education, including state colleges and universities, which took the conversation a turn in the gutter. … The high-stakes debate, which touched on health care, pension reform, medical marijuana, and support the out-of-work of the miners. But, he said, such as Kentucky race for Governor this year, is the enmity defined by Bevin, and Beshear, as much as their profound differences of opinion on the control of the state concerned.”

Survey shows high confidence in the Supreme court of justice – Annenberg Public Policy Center

“[Amy Klobuchar] had some clever answers. I’m starting not to care, that they are brutal on your staff.” – Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia center for politics, writing, and Politically on the Democrats ” debate.

“If trump is accused, and the Senate is mad at him, votes him out, then the GOP could be a primary. That would make a lot of messages from the Democrats. I think we need a law for 6 months of elections, period.” – Karen Morrow, Of Tampa, Fla.

[Ed. Note: It would be a comfort to such restrictions, it is true. But our Constitution, which do not allow for easy. The government can’t tell people if you can talk about problems, therefore, there is no way to candidates, campaigns, and journalists from reporting. I am always in the favor, although to do away with the primary elections. Our 40-year experiment with them was a miserable failure and has needlessly extend our choice of calendar. You bring back conventions and spare the American people!]

“I’ve pretty much come to the opinion that two things will happen…one, the 2020 election, not on the choice of the night (to follow thanks to the huge court battles, many very close races) and…two, at a certain point, our agitator-in-Chief will leave office of his own will…become tired of the struggle and want to go back to his business and so on. What youse say (this is a Michigan (born and raised) UNTIL term)?” – Rick Randell, Bradenton, Fla.

[Ed. Note: I say that I don’t know, it is better to say, Mr. Randell! I think there are many possible scenarios for 2020 to create. Can we see, say, a landslide, or even, I dare say, a political realignment. For Trump to leave early, is it pretty difficult for me. I doubt he would delight his enemies.]

“I miss Chris’ input during events such as the debates on Twitter. I understand why he left, and it is best for his happiness. But there were so many Whhhooo Doogie moments of last night, I would have loved it with him. As I have found, however, the Fox Nation, I see his sincere takes on the events of the day. I just can’t interact with my clever comments! I’d prefer it to The shipping so he could groups to contribute to the discussion. I’ll send you a note to suggest that his inclusion! Thank you for being so wonderful. (Sorry for the Cardinals, but Charles is happy!)” – Polly Barrett, Waco, Texas

[Ed. Note: Who needs an agent when he Polly Barrett?!]

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HuffPo: “A man in Dublin, Ireland, decided to inject you to play a little bit of humor in his funeral on Saturday a prank on his love. Shay Bradley, an army veteran, died Oct. 8 ‘after a long illness bravely’ according to his obituary, shocked, then funeralgoers pleased, when she suddenly heard his voice screaming from his coffin was borne and lowered into the ground. “Hello? Hello. Hello? Let me out!’ stunned, participants heard, in a recorded message to ‘knock’ against the coffin lid. … Those that can be seen at the funeral, giggling and wiping away tears, singing as Bradley’s voice begins: ‘Hello, Hello. Hello, I just called to say good-bye.’ His daughter, Andrea Bradley, told HuffPost that her father took the audio about a year ago — and that nobody really knew about it except her brother Jonathan and her nephew, Ben. Two days before Shay Bradley’s funeral, Jonathan Bradley to tell decided to his mother and the rest of his siblings about the prank. He told them that the playback of the audio that was at the funeral want to die his father.”

“My non-baseball friends are confused by my dedication to the game. I totally agree with you about the futility of the fandom. … It is ridiculous. However, if the home city of Washington to win Nationals, my mood brightens. Can’t help it.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes in the Washington Post on 21 April 2016.

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