‘Weddings are getting smaller and more personal

‘Weddings are getting smaller and more personal

Weddings are becoming more personal and less celebrated. Various experts in the field of weddings tell that it is ‘the experience’.

“People want more and more things yourself, or arranging, such as the cards, flowers and decorations,” says wedding planner Vivian ter Huurne in conversation with

“Last year you saw a lot of pastel colours at weddings, but now have weddings more often in a rural or festivalachtig theme,” says the wedding planner. “The woondtrends of today will be reflected on the big day, so you are likely to for example, cacti are used as decoration. Not only vetplantjes, but also hanging flowers are very popular.”

According to Ter Huurne is today, love is more central. “Because everything is more personal, is made, for example, by BABS (someone who for a day as wedding officiant, red.) and by a lot of things to make one yourself, and arrange, the love at the wedding. Nowadays, you see increasingly that weddings be kept small.”

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Judith Lent of the trouwplatform see the same trends as Ter Huurne. “People want more time for their guests and hold, therefore, less big. They invite about between thirty and fifty people, and which are then allowed to stay all day. So do you speak at least everyone at your wedding.”

“I also see increasingly more willing to invest in craft; a good photographer and beautiful rings made by a goldsmith, for example. Also the guests want to now invest more in a beautiful gift. Attendees put their money together to make a large gift to buy, with z’n all a really lasting memory to be able to give.”

In terms of wedding cake, we will according to the interviewees not a classic cake with fondant see more, but mostly tables full of smaller goodies. Lent: “It does not need more super neat, for example, are all different cakes and donuts together on a scale is now truly on the rise.” According to Vivian of Huurne are now mainly cakes with ‘crazy’ flavors served. “For example, think of a cake with Oreo’s or Tony’s Chocolonely sea salt-caramel flavor.”


Robert-Jan van Haagen, is the owner of the bruidswinkel The Bruidshoek in Lead and affirms that marriage is becoming more and more an experience. “When women are with me in the shop fit, they also come up with more and more people along. Groups are now, on average, seven people, including their mother, mother-in-law, sisters or girlfriends. We then take a 2.5 hour time for the suitable dress to be found.”

Haagen especially sees a lot of side to come back in the purchase of the future brides. “You see more and more translucent side on the back, in combination with a very deep rugdecolleté. That runs sometimes to the tailbone.”

“Every bride wants on her slankst look, so every dress is also a korsetlijfje. Brides want their female forms are accentuated and wearing a dress in the colour ivory white. You see more and more poederkleuren in place of ivory, such as lichtgoud or pink. That combine them, like with eye-catching jewellery with pearls or crystals.”

Women go to nowadays for more comfortable shoes. Vh: “That are often white, with a heel of about five to six inches. You should be on your big day, of course, plenty can dance!”

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