Wedding usher feels like the bride and deceived him into paying hundreds of dollars for most of the time, “I feel used, humiliated’

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After feeling tricked into paying hundreds of dollars and not getting paid back for his friend’s wedding, and a put down to usher, it is curious to see how close it is to the groom.

The put down a friend shared his story on Reddit, where he explained to me that the groom had his wedding, even though the two had been “best friends since high school.” When he was asked to be an usher, but, thankfully, he said yes, not realizing that his troubles were only beginning.

The post under the name of Lolusher, the poster explained to you that things started to feel weird, as if he was the rehearsal dinner. As the post explains, “on the Morning of the wedding to come around, and I’d still not received any information on what the launch is like, or what kind of time I have to go to the front desk in order to begin to help you. Then, the Bride of messages asking me for a favor.”


Apparently, the happy couple had left “on the bites and they had to pick them up. I can do this to a bride on her wedding day? For sure. Oh, and one more thing, the order has not yet been paid for, but they give me the money for the ceremony, or to pay for me to go back to the front desk. For sure.”

After the ceremony, instead of hanging out with his friends, who are also in the wedding party, and the poster was to pick up the food. “Thanks be to God, I played so much Tetris as I,” the story continues, “since the installation of my car in a way that wouldn’t tip over and fall, and their wedding was an all-time high score. I texted the bride to get her to let you know that we have to have it all together, and I can see them from the front desk.”

It seems the bride doesn’t have to respond to this post.

The guy who posted the story claimed that his best friend’s wedding and ended with him in the sense that he is used, humiliated, angry, and incredulous.”
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“I have to get to the reception venue is expected to be a lively crew, event organizers, and family to me, and will help to keep the food in,” he continued. On the contrary, he said that he had to get all of the snacks by himself.

According to the post, as well as the reception came and went without anyone who gave them money for food. After the game, the poster, went back to the hotel to hang out with the groom on the invitation. When the poster mentioned picking up something to eat, “and the bride’s cousin, hears of it and asks me to buy her something to eat. For sure. Then she asks the room at large, who would like to eat. I am now buying the food for almost the whole of the after-party. A cousin says that they can you Venmo me for it when I get back, and they will have to pay for your items. For sure.”


Unfortunately, when the poster came back with the food, he found a student who had promised to pay for passes. “The drunken guests to grab something to eat, you see,” he continued. “The groom is walking up to me, burger in hand, and said that he was very tired, so he’s going to go off of, but thank you for the food, and help, and then leaves. I pick up my food, then take the elevator down to the first floor of the hotel, a bar, & eating alone, angry and in complete silence. At this point I am $500 for refreshments, $80 for late-night food run, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve never really had a best friend to begin with. I feel used, humiliated, angry, and incredulous.”

Commenters on Reddit generally agree that the original poster needs to get paid back, and that he should not have to feel weird asking for the money.

“The text of the groom and the bride have to pay for the apps and the food that you have been asked to pick it up, and were promised to be paid for,” one user said. “Don’t take no for an answer. If ignored, FB, twitter, and other SNS, at a time interval of one week.”


“The text of the Groom as to when you can expect to pay for the hors d’oeuvres,” another user added. “If you’ve paid, get away from this relationship. And why on earth would you worry about offending the groom’s? He wasn’t worried about offending you with their behaviour. You can be honest without the brutal. Just because his feelings are hurt doesn’t mean you’re a jerk.”

For some users, but was wondering if the original poster was an accurate portrayal of his friendship with the groom.


“There is definitely more to this story than he is letting on,” one of the commenters wrote that. “His friend was still treating him extremely badly, don’t get me wrong. But to the original poster, it sounds like he has a lot of problems with dealing with his emotions and reactions. It is clear that he is not particularly close to this friend, as he has done. Maybe his friend has a lot of friends who are closer to him than to the original poster, that probably doesn’t really have other friends.”

According to an update from the original poster, that he finally received the money he was owed, but only after reaching out and asking for it.

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