“Websites doctors’ offices are often poorly protected’

“Websites doctors’ offices are often poorly protected’

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Medical practices that new patients provide the opportunity to subscribe online to subscribe, are often poorly protected.

Nearly one-third of the practices that such an opportunity offers, to protect its internet traffic is not enough, turns out Wednesday from research by RTL News, among over three hundred practices.

The practices to encrypt connections with HTTPS by default, so attackers would be able to follow along. In some cases, it may also data about herhaalrecepten be understood, and may even be modified by hackers.

The Authority Personal data says shocked by the figures. “We have spent the last few years a lot of attention to securing personal data from general practitioners. Apparently, the sense of urgency is still not enough penetration,” said vice-chairman Wilbert Tomesen.

The privacy watch dog can impose penalties if companies or bodies is negligent with personal data, but has so far never done.

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