Weakened Irma causes a lot of flooding in Florida

Weakened Irma causes a lot of flooding in Florida

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Hurricane Irma continues his way through Florida. Despite the fact that the storm force is decreased has Irma in parts of the U.s. is already to much inconvenience resulted. Especially the abundant water that the hurricane brings with it causes problems.

The airport of Miami ran water on the and may Tuesday, only to re-open. In the city itself, the streets flooded, trees blown down and damage to houses.

The hurricane came up on the other side of Florida, from Marco Island to land. Via the west coast attracts Irma, towards the north. In coastal towns like Naples, Fort Meyer, and Sarasota provides the rapidly rising water for life threatening situations.

The National Hurricane Center reports that Irma now of category four on the scale of Saffir-Simpson is toned down to a storm from the second category, with wind speeds up to 155 miles per hour.

The institute expects that Irma in strength will decrease to a tropical storm.


Hurricane Irma ravaging the west coast of Florida


Now the night in Florida begins, calls the national weather service inhabitants to stay inside. “Floods take place in Florida with hurricane Irma. at Night it is impossible to be seen”, warns the weerinstituut.

More than three million homes and businesses are without power. According to the largest energy company of Florida has the weeks the time needed to restore all files.


For help via the federal government to facilitate president Donald Trump, Florida to the disaster area is declared. According to Trump runs the cooperation between the emergency services well, but “the bad news is that this is one big monster.”

Road accidents due to bad weather in Florida already have at least three people killed, reports news channel ABC. Thus perished in Monroe County to a man when he has the power over the wheel of his truck and lost.

In the center of Miami and about 160 kilometres from the centre of the storm, threw two tower cranes in high winds. Tall buildings waving back and forth. The storm surge that Irma brings with it allows for flooded streets. In advance was made by the authorities warned of waves up to 4.6 metres in height on the west coast of the state.

Hurricane Irma in Florida

The hurricane Irma has the American state of Florida is reached.

Irma is a hurricane of the fourth category and has wind speeds up to 210 kilometers per hour.

Florida must take into account more than 60 inches rainfall.

The National Hurricane Center fears in addition to flooding and mudslides.

More than six million people are called to abandon the region.

People who continue to be advised to take shelter against the storm.

In road accidents due to bad weather in Florida, people are killed.

Miami is the arm of a tall crane demolished, as a result of bad weather.

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