“We were years and years of being bullied’: ex-employees of the foundation Bono do they complain about it

Ex-employees of The One Campaign, the non-profit of, among others, U2 singer Bono, to threaten legal action against the foundation. Within the organization is now an investigation.


In november last year, a group of former employees of the One Campaign office in Johannesburg via social media they complain about. According to them, some employees were ‘worse than dogs’ treatment.

The organization investigates the complaints are now internal. The abuses would be between 2011 and 2015 happened. As would a boss to his employees ordered to have his household run in the weekend. A female employee was demoted because she is the sexual advances of an official, refused.

The One Campaign already gives that a former leader of young employees in e-mails and oral ‘worthless’. The complaint of the female employee to have sex would be forced, is until today not proven, but is, like all other complaints, in fact, taken seriously.

Bono, The One Campaign in 2004 co-founded to fight against extreme poverty and common diseases to fight, on the matter responded and says ‘furious’. According to him, is his foundation failed to secure its own workers to protect. “I must be there for a part of the responsibility for this. I hate bullying, I can’t stand it’, he explains this in The Mail on Sunday.

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