‘We sell shirts, not tents’: a day of shopping without ideal sizes

Shopping fun and relaxing? Think again.For women whose figure is not to the so-called ideal image belongs to, it is often a real struggle to be a fun outfitte score. As for Gladys (24): “There seems to be an inverse correlation to exist between a person’s circumference, and his right to beautiful clothes.”

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The mission:

The perfect shoe this fall: the over-the-knee-boot. Preferably to combine with fishnet stockings and a dress: contemporary and a bit naughty. Not everyone is a fan, I like that! I also wanted to be sexy and confident and independent bodies and this trend went help me so. Only I came quickly to the realization that the search for my droomschoeisel not immediately an egg would be.

It’s true that yours truly, both in terms of size and in terms of bilomtrek rather above the average. And those who are in that situation, there are all the designers of the movable agree, deserves a nice wardrobe. To me it seems quite logical that a boot that is almost as pants can function also what the top concerns in multiple sizes would need to exist, but that was a bit naive. Shoe size 36 up to 41, but the upper part remains as “big”. If I were you, one lesson should give you the rest of your days should be remembered is this: despite the labels that you, the contrary promise… One size does NOT fit all.

The quest:

I ended up at a store where a lot of different kinds of boots on the storefront to fill. Maybe it was it truly a success? I am approached by a salesman/saleswoman (who I for your convenience from now on, Dimitri will call) and explain that I was “a fairly wide model search” and Dimitri nods understandingly. A few moments later he brings me a first boot and my previous spark of hope vanishes as snow for the sun. Come on, in this thing I can with my arm still is not lost. After 23 years of shopping I may be a lost cause fairly quickly recognize. Dimitri refuses however to admit defeat and try me pair after pair after pair to to be lubricated. “These are really spacious!” I sweat, I hijg, I pull, I drag, I push, I moan… and then time and time again reports to the head to shake. This is so embarrassing.

Just consider me to just be a nice pair to bring and not to eat until I managed to pass, but let us be honest: even if me that would ever succeed, are those shoes at that time, all four seasons out of fashion. With each attempt, I see the zest for life in Dimitris eyes more and more dim. Ultimately, he concludes what I had for years know but refuse to accept: for people like me, there is only one kind of boot. The dark brown, blokachtige, stretchy bottin where you-unless on a horse – not want to be seen. “Hmm no, thanks, but this is still not all the way”, with mumble I. Dimitri says not, but I see what he thinks: “it’s Funny how you think that you still have a choice, chubby”. Dimitri is right. Beggars can’t be choosers.

The conclusion:

In addition to the fact that schoenfabrikanten of the opinion that people who are not in the standard model fit clearly have enough fat stores to without warm boots for the cold to face, there is also tailored clothing is significantly less choice for everyone who is over buddy 40. Many shops seem to think that those women on modevlak, however, will satisfy with a jersey with inscription à la “I love naps” and leggings with sunflowers. Although you anywhere read that the population is getting heavier, translates that is not in the shops. There seems to be an inverse correlation to exist between a person’s circumference, and his right to beautiful clothes.


There seems to be an inverse correlation to exist between a person’s circumference, and his right to beautiful clothes.

In fact: some of us may still be lucky when there is at all still have clothes in our size. My bompa is since 1987 no appropriate pants more and this week I heard from a friend that the saleswoman who his buddies took quite coolly remarked that they “sell shirts, not tents. Really. As if the search for appropriate attire and are not already kweling is, could the person who nevertheless is paid to help clients not to let the knife still deeper. The gretel was the next day looking for a new job.

Although my figure is in the “normal shops” just be tolerated, I am constantly faced with, that some outfits are not to my options. And no, I’m not talking about cropped tops or tight dresses – although I think that I would be allowed to carry regardless of whether or not the world is “appropriate” or “flattering” is also the most simple, innocent-looking combinations could be totally wrong purpose.

Thus, the it-girls of today, praised to the skies because they show themselves in mom jeans and a plain white unisex t-shirt. When I toplook try, I look like a cross between a gameverslaafde adolescent who for the first time in weeks leaves the house because he is by his stock chips back and a American mother that her days fill with trips to Walmart and the spread of catholic anti-same-sex-marriage-flyers. Neither is exactly what I was referring to, but what had I hoped? I thought with my bespottelijke size 44 really get away with the look of the jet set to be able to copy? How naive can you be.

In such cases, it may be tempting you vestimentaire dreams -together with your self-confidence – somewhere very deeply buried, and your unfortunate body was never more in a clothing store to show. But before you make the rest of your days in jogging and slobbertrui spend: let us focus on what is possible! Perhaps you have been blessed with a divine bosom, or perhaps you have the ideal form for that one jeans? Be proud and do not let anyone tell you what is possible and what is not.

Finally I have boots found. After that whole ordeal I will be wearing them until I drop. For all my peers to show that they are the hope not. Chase your dreams, ladies and gentlemen. Because if I knee-bones, everything. Be proud, I will through the streets parading. I will be there, according to some texts as a callgirl, hurt me anymore.

Gladys blogs at When Victoria With Edward

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