We are eating deliberately, but have to pay more attention to dinner than breakfast

We are eating with all of us quite aware of it, was found recently from research conducted by the Nutrition centre (voedingscentrum). We take the time to eat often at the table.

In a recent survey conducted by the Nutrition centre, said 60 per cent of the respondents often have a lot of attention to the food. A few of the findings from the survey: three-quarters of the respondents eat at the dinner table, and only one in six said it is a dinner-only food. The Dutch are cooking an average of 5.5 times a week and prepare their own evening meal.

“With a focus not on auto-pilot, eating makes you feel better when you’ve had enough to eat. It prevents you eat more than you need,” says Astrid Postma-Smeets, an expert in nutrition and health from the netherlands Nutrition centre.

Dutch people are saying to pay more attention to the meal

The study of How conscious to eat in the Netherlands? in October, 2019 is carried out among a representative group of more than a thousand people in the netherlands. It is not only to be asked where and with whom we eat, but also what the distraction is and how much people will take the time to look for a variety of meals.

Tips for more conscious eating:

  • Please take the time to make a meal.
  • Taste what you’re eating, let’s really up to you to enter.
  • Do not take a bite if your mouth is empty.
  • Eat with attention.
  • To make it more appealing to the table to sit down.
  • Put your cutlery down.

Conclusion: we have to take the time for your meals, and eat frequently at the table to eat is often a self-cooked meal. About one out of every five respondents say that they have more time to spend eating a meal with more than five years ago.

There is, however, more attention to dinner than to breakfast in the hotel. Just a little more than half of that at the breakfast table. More than half of the Dutch people eat breakfast, and do multi-tasking at breakfast. They are watching tv, reading, or checking their social media accounts.

Young people between the ages of 18 to 34 year-old multi-task, and more often at dinner than any other age group. That’s what they do, especially at breakfast time (61 per cent). They also eat more of a pick – up or bezorgmaaltijd, and will buy more along the way to eat.

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“The trend is to become more aware of eating is going to continue for’

We are in the last few years, are actually becoming more and more aware to go for dinner? Because the study has not been done, is that, according to the Director-Smith is a hard question to answer. “We think it is. Certainly, because almost a quarter of the people, tells them to think, more time to eat than five years ago.”

Also, foodwatcher Anneke Ammerlaan think that we are becoming more and more aware of his food, and that’s what we do, according to her, not just like that. “These days it’s becoming more and more healthy and also tasty to eat. Take, for example, people who are vegan, and they pay a lot of attention to their nutrition. The trend is to become more aware of our food will continue to rise.”

“Fifteen years ago, while I was assisting with staff restaurants have ever been told is that the people, especially the sandwiches had to be able to buy them on their computer and were able to eat it,” says Ammerlaan, “Now, companies want their employees to have a lunch break right in front of the computer away to get it. Also, a sign that people are eating today is important.”

Ammerlaan was a bit surprised to find that three-quarters of the respondents say that they are at the table to eat. In this type of study should, of course, you have to watch out for socially desirable responses. However, what it does, clearly, is that the people least like to be at the table could eat it. And, of course, that is a useful piece of information.”

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