‘We also have problems with the controllers from the Nintendo console to Switch to Lite

Law firm CSK&T, Nintendo has in the United States of america have been sued for any issues relating to the controllers in the Switch console. A small group of users, the new Switch is Lite up with all the problems in that country. The device is, therefore, the complaint recorded, and writes for Gizmodo on Monday.

The Switch is Lite, was released last week. This is a version of the Nintendo console, it is only in the handheldmodus to use it. Users can use the original Switch on the tv, connect the controller to the sides to loosen.

The law firm complained to Nintendo, in July, was the Switch to touch-to detect, while the user and the joystick is not in use. “This is defective, it will affect the gaming experience on the device, and therefore, the main functionality of the Switch, and the Joy is in the-Con-of controllers to work with.”

Online complaining of multiple users on the problems using the Switch on the Lite, but it is not known how many people have to deal with. The agency wants to be and that Nintendo is fixing the issue with the controllers it replaces, or repairs.

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