Waterpolosters aces at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS to a medal, and an olympic ticket

The Dutch waterpolosters to travel with great expectations to South Korea for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, which start on Sunday. The team of head coach Arno Havenga’s going to get a medal and a ticket to the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo, japan.

“Over the past four years, we will have to be final to be played, and only in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2017 in Budapest, and it was a bad tournament,” said Havenga, before leaving to Asia. “In this respect, it is only logical that we are at the world cup for a stage to go to. Why shouldn’t I?”

After a silver medal at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS IN 2014 and world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2015 and european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and 2016, and won the Orange last year, at last, gold at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Barcelona, spain. The waterpolosters are already have years of the best in the world, but that’s not to say that the team of Havenga’s very easy to put up for the Olympics.

For the Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, went to the mass at the olympic qualifying tournament in Gouda, the netherlands. Now, the Netherlands has four chances to be located in Tokyo, japan.

The waterpolosters have a number of opportunities to qualify for the Olympics. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Going from the U.S. to win’

The first change, from the previous month, with the super finals of the World League, has been missed. Amber had to be in the semi-finals again, bowing to the United States, the reigning olympic and world champion, who is the winner of this year’s World League, have already qualified for Tokyo, japan.

“The Americans have to beat team, although they seem to be a little less safe than it was before. The differences become smaller and smaller, we get closer and closer. Physically they are very strong, but in the meantime, we are also. We will go for a win, and that time is coming,” says Havenga.

The winner of the CHAMPIONSHIP will get an olympic ticket. If the united states is the world championship prolongeert, it’s a starting place for the runners-up. “Maybe it’s in the final, therefore, is already sufficient,” says Havenga. “Otherwise, we will go to Tokyo in January for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Budapest, and that our title to continue. This is the last chance on FEB at the spring.”

Waterpolosters in Netherlands

Havenga was decided recently that all of the players selected in the Netherlands, have to play to get as close as possible to each other and to be able to. Not all of the players were happy with it and the keepster Laura, All of which decided to join her club in Hungary to remain in the selection set.

“There are some players who would prefer to stay abroad, but also because they have a good income,” says Havenga. “However, if there is one or two players not to participate in the program, and it is also the defining ones, then it may be that we are not the team to be prepared. Everyone is doing well. We believe that this is the way it is.”

The netherlands begins the world cup on Sunday against South Africa, and will take it on Tuesday, in the second groepsduel the united states. New Zealand will take place on Thursday, the third opponent. The song is one of the group to position itself directly in front of the quarter-finals, with the runners-up go to the semi finals in this.

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