Waterpoloster Megens were injured in a deadly accident at a South Korean club

The Dutch waterpoloster Maud Megens in the South Korean city of Gwangju injuries hit, when an elevated dance floor in a night club being destroyed. Due to the accident met two of the South Koreans to live the life, while several people were injured.

Among the injured athletes who are in Gwangju for the world championships.

At around 2.00 am in the night from Friday to Saturday (local time), came crashing to the floor of a busy nightclub area in the atletendorp in. For example, people are stuck under the ground. According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap were certainly nine athletes to injuries.

In addition Megens is going to be four of Us-athletes and two New Zealand citizens, an Italian and a Brazilian. At last, after all waterpolospelers.

Maud Megens in the campaign against Canada on the 20th of July. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Megens has a cut on her hand

Megens was a cut on her hand and was taken to the hospital. The head coach of the Dutch waterpolovrouwen, Arno Havenga, let me know that her wound is well sutured.

According to the swimming federation KNZB, there were also other of the country’s sportsmen and-women in the night club. They have remained unscathed.

The international zwemfederatie HOUSE is following the situation closely. “HOUSE deeply regrets the circumstances that are very, very much and does her best to forward it to all the victims of the crash,” according to the association. Where necessary, assistance and care will be provided.


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