Watchdog-notifications trump, the border, the Agency violated the DNA collection act for the year, let violent criminals walk free

nearvideo exclusive: whistleblowers say, cutting the DNA program to increase border security is not used

The Homeland Security pilot program was designed to screen the reports of individuals held by Customs and Border Protection agent against an FBI database of violent crimes; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge.

EXCLUSIVE: A top government watchdog on Wednesday alerted the President of Trump and Congress that Customs and Border Protection (CBP), through a “disturbing” pattern of misconduct has to be of a danger to the public for almost a decade by the non-compliance with a Federal law, requires that the Agency collect DNA samples of arrested immigrants.

In a scathing letter to Trump, exclusively obtained by Fox News, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC), said CBP “violations of the law has allowed issues then accused, to escape violent crimes, including murder and sexual assault detection also imprisoned several times by CBP or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).”


The OSC-the White house said that it is under the “strongest possible steps” to blame “for the Agency’s non-compliance with the law,” as well as “unreasonable” is trying to defend his own behavior.

To collect under the law, CBP was required to be carried out, the DNA of individuals, which is in its custody, against the FBI’s violent-crimes-databases. The method is independent of DNA collection has been designed to be family relationships among migrants at the border to determine.

A “disturbing” case mentioned in the letter involved a suspect in a 2009 Denver murder, who had “multiple interactions” with law enforcement authorities, including two arrests, but was allowed to go free until the investigators will eventually have a DNA sample in the year 2017.

In another example, a suspect in “two particularly brutal” sexual assault in 1997 eluded detection is not performed, although the connection to the crime in March of 2019, was collected in state custody on nine different occasions — before finally, after a DNA sample.

CBP behavior constituted an “unacceptable disclosure of the Agency’s law enforcement mandate,” Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner wrote. In addition, Kerner said that CBP internal review of one’s own behavior, which cleared the Agency of any illegal activity, was “disingenuous.”

“It is disturbing that this would occur, even once, let alone routinely, after about a decade,” he added. “Many cold cases could be solved — and the victims of violence granted closure — now, if CBP would have complied with its obligations under the law.”

Office of Special Counsel letter to the White house on CBP of Fox News on Scribd

The watchdog urged to engage the Congress, in the “robust” oversight, and for the authorities to follow the law and the DNA to collect samples.

“CBP has admitted violations of the law, criminals, prisoners on the loose. In view of the substantial public safety and law enforcement impact on the issue, I urge CBP to reconsider immediately its position and to initiate the DNA-collection, the said criminal detainees,” Kerner said in a statement.

Kerner also praised the CBP Whistleblower, the marks, the matter by the filing of a complaint in may 2018.

The informant had expressly claimed that the DNA-pilot-derailed program was put on hold while the Obama administration, and efforts to implement them were under the trump administration.

“There is no current pilot program. It’s basically dead in the water,” whistleblower Fred Wynn said.


Speaking exclusively to Fox News, another whistleblower, Mark Jones, beat the Federal authorities were concerned, to claims where the legal liability from “angel” families, or those who have lost loved ones in the hands of illegal immigrants-and that, by the admission of guilt, CBP potentially expose the Agency would.


“That’s not in the discussion, since we already have the fulfillment of the law, and it was a ten-year implementation of what has been said to quickly, people have expressed concern that it might be said a question of liability,” Jones.

“We have a great tool, the required and approved by the Congress a law, and we do not use them,” Jones added. “We are, as we conceive ourselves to be individuals and to process, and not in the DNA sample, we do not give our law enforcement-both state and Federal level — an additional Instrument, these outstanding crimes.”

The DNA Fingerprint Act of 2005 stated that “the General Prosecutor may, as prescribed by the attorney General in regulation, collect DNA samples from persons arrested or detained under the authority of the United States.”

And 28 CFR § 28.12(b) States that “each Agency of the United States that arrests or attacks individuals or supervises individuals to collect the targeted loads of DNA samples from persons arrested, facing charges, or convicted, and from non-U.S. persons who are detained under the authority of the United States.”

In December 2018, CBP responded to the whistleblowers’ complaints in a letter to the OSC, to say that an internal review by CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility found that “there is no violation of law, rule, or regulation, and no substantial and specific danger to public safety.”

CBP two primary defense for his behavior to be offered. First, in 2010, then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano got a waiver for the DNA requirements of the then-Attorney General Eric Holder, referring to “strong organisational, resource and financial challenges.” CBP said that the waiver was still in force, citing the operational challenges.

CBP Commissioner: I have no confidence in Congress is border step-by-step to resolve crisis

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan addresses the ongoing crisis at the border, the video of smugglers in dismantling the border fence.

And, CBP asserted, other law enforcement agencies had lifted up the flaccid and collected DNA samples.

“CBP Directive requires that detainees to be promptly processed, and turned over to appropriate law enforcement authorities, such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Marshals Service (U-SMS). Both ICE and U SMS guidelines requiring DNA collection from prisoners and detainees,” Robert Perez, Deputy CBP Commissioner, wrote to the OSC.

But, to Trump, writing, Kerner said CBP arguments were legally and in fact “unreasonable.”

Kerner pointed out that Napolitano said almost ten years ago want to you “[ed] to phase‐in implementation [of DNA collection] in the course of the next year” and the holder is called, the resume for the DNA-sample collection” quickly.”


Kerner Trump said that CBP claims that it lacked the necessary resources are “disingenuous”, he rises in his budget over the years, and the FBI-state-of-the-art DNA matching technology.

In an extraordinary rebuke, the name, then-acting CBP Commissioner John Sanders and Perez, Kerner went on to accuse CBP of brass to look for, be aware of “delay and obfuscate” his investigation through the inclusion of months, issue an additional report, which he requested had.

In contrast to CBP claims that other authorities were not said, in fact, widely used to collect DNA, the special counsel.

Handcuffs workers, the transportation processing center expect after a RAID by U.S. immigration officials at Koch Foods, Inc., plant in Morton, Miss. U.S. immigration officials raided several Mississippi food processing, and on Wednesday signaled that the early morning strikes were part of a large-scale operation targeting the owner and employees. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Data from the FBI and Whistleblower, Kerner wrote Trump, showed that “in the year 2017, the ICE reported 181,246 arrests,” however, collected DNA only from 4,977 of those people, or about 2.7 percent.

CBP, meanwhile, DNA has been added to samples of less than 100 of the approximately 330.000 people with whom you are arrested or detained,” Kerner.

The informant also claims to pushed that in the year 2016 you will be allocated, a new DNA-pilot-program, which, according to them, a senior Homeland Security officials deliberately in the background.

Mike Taylor, another whistleblower, told Fox News that the bureaucratic and legal wrangling, had a very real human cost.

“U.S. citizens, holders of a permanent residence permit and illegal aliens in this country, and have been, damaged by our Agency does not collect DNA,” said Taylor.


The informants, in their fiery formal answer to CBP claims, said OSC it would be “accomplices” in “what could be the amount to an unconstitutional circumvention of the law”, if it is CBP’s argument bought

“CBP claims are so bold that they would be laughable were it not for the fact that the nation’s largest law enforcement Agency control is still active frustration, the implementation of a law, such as the Department of Homeland Security, was developed by the Americans for sure,” she wrote.

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