Watch out, North Korea wants your bitcoin

File photo: A man walks past an electric board showing currency exchange rates of various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (top L) at a cryptocurrencies exchange in Seoul, South Korea December 13, 2017. (REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji)

Bitcoin experts only. The north Korean hackers probably trying to trick you into installing malware. A new phishing e-mail campaign that the cryptocurrency industry is linked to a shadowy hacking collect supposed to be working for North Korea.

The warning comes from security firm Secureworks. The English written e-mail pretends to offer a vacancy for a CFO position at a London-based Bitcoin company. But a Microsoft Word attachment in the e-mail can secretly install malicious code on your computer.

Once opened, the Word doc asks the victim to accept that the “Enable Editing” and “Content” functions in Microsoft Word. This activates a software macro that will install a Remote Access Trojan that can download additional malware on your computer.

SecureWorks is blaming the attack on the Lazarus Group, a North Korean hack team that may be behind the 2014 Sony Pictures breach.

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North Korea is interested in Bitcoin for a while. IP addresses of the country are found carrying out research into the cryptocurrency as far back as in 2013, according to SecureWorks.

Experts say that North Korean hackers are likely to be after the Bitcoin for the funding of the government, which is facing heavy economic sanctions by governments across the world. So far, hackers from the country have focused on four different virtual currency exchange in South Korea by sending a phishing e-mail.

With Bitcoin, worth up to $17,000, expect that North Korea’s interest in the plunder of the cryptocurrency remains high. SecureWorks said this latest phishing email campaign that at the end of October—is probably the corridor.

SecureWorks is the link of the phishing attack on North Korea, on the basis of the findings in the malware and how it caused. The different components of a part of the same coding techniques found in the past Lazarus Group attacks, the security company said.

SecureWorks is warning cryptocurrency companies to be aware of threat. Although the companies have grown to be a destination for investors to buy and mine Bitcoin, they are also an important target for hackers.

Earlier this month, a Bitcoin-mining site called NiceHash was robbed of more than 4,700 bitcoins, which is now valued at $83 million. The hackers somehow gained remote access to a company computer and stole an employee’s credentials.

For consumers who invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can make the best use of two-factor authentication and a strong, unique password with virtual currency that you used.

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