Washington state school district arms teachers: “It protects the children”



Washington school district is already arming administrators

In Toppenish, Washington is there at least a hidden gun in every school, in addition to a armed private security guard: Then why reports of Seattle.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, speaking for a group of at marjory Stoneman Douglas High School-Wednesday, mainly on the part of President Trump, when she said, arming some school employees should be considered. Florida Gov. Rick Scott does not agree – and he is not only among the nation’s governors.

Washington State’s Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee in the news last week when he confronted President Trump at the White House about his desire to let teachers and other school personnel carry guns.

“I have listened to the people who are affected by that,” Inslee told Trump during a question and answer session. “I’ve been listening to the biology teachers, and they do not want to do that in a percentage.”

Gov. Inslee apparently didn’t listen to John Cerna, superintendent of the Toppenish, Washington School District. Cerna is wearing his own gun to work and makes other 18 managers for a hidden pistol in their schools.

“This is not about President Trump, or our governor,” said Cerna, “this is about the children in Toppenish. This is about the safety of my people.”

On the Toppenish Washington School District, the director adds his own gun to work and makes other 18 managers for a hidden pistol in their schools.

Cerna said after the shooting tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary, he was open to all methods that are focused on hardening its schools. Some of the changes since then, the school doors are locked, so visitors have to be buzzed in. There is also a private armed guard and at least one armed administrator in each building. The volunteer administrators are put through 40 hours of training and refresher training every two years.

The public school superintendent and control of the groups say that the risks outweigh the possible benefits.

“A school administrator should be focused on better run their schools,” said Jaron Lindbaum of Washington Cease-fire. “Teachers should focus on their curriculum and better teaching their students. Let the public safety aspect of the trained officers of the public safety.”

Almost a third of the nation’s public schools already have armed school resource officers. There was a service at marjory Stoneman Douglas high School at the time of the deadly rampage.

But when it comes to arming educators to add deterrence and cut the response time, the most parents in Toppenish are in full support.

“It protects the children,” said parent Lily Sampson-Ohms. And speaking about the school armed administrators, “they are the first line of defense.”

Toppenish is not the only school district in Washington that allow armed employees. The kiona-School District of Benton has a similar policy. Each fielding a lot of calls from teachers across the country who are also concerned about their schools are ‘soft targets’.

Dan Springer joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in August 2001 as a Seattle-based correspondent.

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