Washington state legislature with a group associated with it, allegedly preparing for the ‘biblical warfare”

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Newly leaked E-Mails allegedly a link to Eastern Washington state legislature with a group of supposedly educated young men for biblical warfare, according to multiple reports.

In 2016, E-Mails, which The Guardian, which were sent by Patrick Caughran, identified as the founder of the Team,-Robust, to a group that reportedly trains teen boys and young men in their early 20s for the religious struggles in the state.

Prior to his election last year, Washington state, Sr., Matt Shea denied that the document, entitled “Biblical foundations for the war”, which he distributed to the Fans was that for a Holy war between the Christian “patriots” and Muslim “terrorists”, The spokesman-Review of Spokane.


Washington state REP Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, speaks in Olympia, Wash., Feb. 8, 2012. (Associated Press)

Shea, who represents Spokane Valley, claimed that the document, described as a “Holy army” to kill the disobedient to “biblical law”, had instructions for a learned sermon on the Old Testament.

Team Rugged’s website describes itself as “a Christian organization that believes firmly to building, male character and ability in need of young men”, The Guardian.

An E-Mail from Caughran to Shea said, however, the group, the entire purpose of it was, “to provide Patriotic and biblical training in the war for the young men, according to The spokesman-Review.

“Everything about it is both politically incorrect and what as a shocking truth for most modern Christians,” he wrote. “There are scenarios in which to fight, each participant may have against the barbaric enemies who threaten our country, the Muslims are terrorists.”


“It is a biblical doctrine … on biblical warfare, the responsibilities, rules, principles and way of thinking,” Caughran wrote about the training, according to The Guardian, “so that our young men be better prepared to fight against physical enemies, and to do so, the way of God and with His blessing,” The Guardian reported.

Shea was open about his ties to the group. In the year 2017, he released a Facebook video shows him interviewing members of the team, which is Robust to the annual God and country celebration in marble, Wash., Seattle Q13 FOX reported.

The Washington state House of Representatives, has hired a private investigator to find out whether Shea is the promotion of political violence, The spokesman-Review reported.

Shea has not yet commented on the reports.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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