Washington lawmakers fired from job as a college professor for alleged sexual misconduct with students

Washington state REP Matt Manweller, a Republican, was dismissed from his job as a political science professor at Central Washington University earlier this month. A recent report details several allegations of sexual misconduct from more than a dozen students.


A Washington state legislator has been fired from his job as a University professor last week amid allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior directed at female students.

State REP Matt Manweller, a Republican, was terminated from his position as a political science professor at Central Washington University in August 14.

A report by a private investigator hired by the public University, said it found a “preponderance of the evidence supports the finding that, in Manweller, a pattern of unprofessional and inappropriate behavior with gender-specific and sexual overtones, with female students and former students who, from 2004 to 2017.” The report was published by The Seattle Times.

Manweller is accused in the report of inappropriate questions, and personal questions, physical contact, communication with students with “sexual or romantic overtones” and “with an educational benefit in exchange for sex.”

The report includes the concerns of 15 current or former students, as well as witnesses.

Manweller has denied any wrongdoing. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, he called the accusations “trivial” and “blown way out of proportion.” He also said that the investigation was “sensationalized … everyday events,” such as someone offers a glass of wine or standing in the vicinity of a person.

A former student, in particular, claims that, when she was 19 years old, she was struggling to pass Manweller s-class, because they had to be delivered to her 3-year-old son to the hospital. She said she was in his office one evening, as he sat close to her and put his hand on her knee.


“There is always a way for you to have a say in this class,” Manweller allegedly to your.

The student said, “it was clear to her that he will earn with your other ways to A, not with the work, of course, and this is understood to mean a sexual favor for a simple One,” the report said. The young woman moved ultimately from the class.

Manweller credit work, denied and touched his pupils inappropriately and said that if he had offered support in his class, he would have refers to something, such as extra -.

“He said it was a quid pro quo, and he was very sorry, if you took the student] him in this way,” the report said.

The report also contains several other students who said they received “unwanted attention” from Manweller. In particular, some threw him a glance, on your body in a way that you feel uncomfortable.


Another student, who never took one of his classes – said she was a babysitter for Manweller family. She said he would often comment on her appearance and want to talk to her for a long time, when he came home, made you uncomfortable. There were times, she said, she would leave, without a check, because she wanted to go.

Manweller often offered her alcohol, and when he came home, she claimed, and one night, she took a glass of wine. She said they talked about school and work, but “he kept inching closer to her, and finally, his hand touched the side of the knee.” She said she went and cried on the way home.

Manweller said that he never discussed her appearance, but did speak to her home for a “debriefing”, as his children, while he was gone, because she questions of food law and the separation anxiety. He said he and his wife would sometimes offer a glass of wine, but denied ever immoral touches you.


The other female students said Manweller, you would like to ask, to ask personal questions.

This is the third time that Central Washington University has studied, Manweller for misconduct, he said in the video, accusing the school to investigate him during years when he re-election.

“I’ll tell you. There is nothing in this report, I apologize. The things that are true, are inappropriate. And the things that are inappropriate, are not true,” Manweller said.

According to the Seattle Times report in December, a former student investigators Manweller told you invited to a bar in 2006. She said she went with another friend, because you eventually need a letter of recommendation from him. At the bar, she said, he asked her inappropriate questions, including questions that the two have a Threesome.

Manweller denied the accusations and said that he “never made an indecent request that a student”.

According to reports of inappropriate behavior began to surface, some students came to his defense, including a former babysitter, the Columbia Basin Herald reported, earlier this month.

In a statement announcing Manweller termination, Central Washington University, criticized Manweller, that they “decided, in order to minimize the public statements that downplay, even ridicule, the female students who come forward with legitimate concerns.”

Manweller is up for re-election this year. He has said he will sue wants the University and the investigator.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.

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