Warren ‘ s $52T ‘Medicare for all” plan is revealed: campaign, not a middle-class tax still claims the increases are necessary

in the proximity ofvideo Elizabeth Warren looks to collect taxes on all weapons and ammunition

Former special ops sniper Ryan Cleckner is responding to Warren’s gun control plan.

EXCLUSIVE: democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren’s long-awaited “Medicare for all “” the financing plan projects, the government-run health care system would cost an amazing amount of “almost $52 Billion” in the next ten years, with the campaign proposes a series of new tax increases to pay for it, while still claiming that the middle class would not face an additional burden.

“We need to raise any taxes to Finance the middle class by a penny Medicare for All” – sen Warren, D-Mass., said in its plan, a copy of which was that of Fox News.


Some of Warren’s rivals for the nomination are unlikely to buy, say, after he repeatedly challenged your claims that the middle class would not be made through tax hikes and to, you was not in advance with the voters.

The campaign detailed Medicare-for-all proposal, however, is the fact that the costs may be covered by a combination of existing Federal and state spending for Medicare and Medicaid, as well as about $20 trillion in taxes on employers, the financial transactions, the ultra-wealthy, the big corporations, and more. This also includes what is to increase, in essence, a wage tax on employers, something that you can say the economists, in General, the workers in the form of lower wages.

Such as Medicare-for-all-the head of the Senate’s champion, a fellow candidate Bernie Sanders, the Warren campaign argued that many of these costs are already spent, in the existing health care system by the governments, employers and individuals in the form of premiums, deductibles, and other expenses.

The Warren campaign, the claims, the dignity of the individual costs drop to “virtually zero,” while the plan maintains and promotes a conveying-pipe from other sources. However, in contrast to Sanders’ plan, Warren projects, not a burden for the middle class, and a price of “just under $52 Billion” in the next 10 years, or a little less than the cost projections for the current system. Sanders’ was estimated plan costs about $32 trillion, even though the price tag reflects additional expenditure during Warren factor in current expenditure seems to be as well.

So, how would you pay for it?

Among other proposals, Warren 9 trillion, calls for the carriage of almost $in new Medicare taxes on employers in the next 10 years, with the argument that this would replace, in substance, to what you already pay for employee health insurance. Further, Warren’s campaign says, if you are in danger, under the revenue than the opponent, they could impose prices in a “supplementary employer Medicare contribution” for large companies with “very high Executive remuneration and share buy back.”

Whether some of these costs, however, argue even further in the middle-class employees-such as economists, payroll tax costs are often-remains to be seen. As the Tax Policy Center has noted, it is believed that the “workers of the burden of proof for both the employer and employee shares of social security contributions is wearing.”


Warren proposes even more taxes on the ultra-rich, expanding on their previously announced the signature to increase assets tax tax net worth over $ 1 billion (estimated to be another $1 trillion). Warren also calls for the raising of capital, the amount of rates for the rich, the taxation of foreign income and the introduction of a tax on financial-to generate transactions $800 billion in revenue.

Apart from these, and other the campaign, the claims, you can spend a’m scrounging up $2.3 trillion, with better tax enforcement, and guidelines, as well as additional means of reining in the defense to control.

“If fully implemented, is my approach to have Medicare for All would be next to one of the largest Federal extensions of middle-class wealth in our history,” Warren said in her plan. “And if Medicare can be funded for All, without having to pay new taxes on the middle class, and instead of questions, huge corporations, the rich and the well connected, their fair share, that’s exactly what we should do.”

Warren was teasing this plan for weeks, especially after some of their rivals, hammered their campaign on the issue of funding during the last primary debate.

“Your signature, senator, is to have a plan for everything, except this,” South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg most memorable said, while in the last month of the primaries debate.

“No plan has been created to explain how a multi-trillion-dollar hole in the Medicare-for-all plan, the Senator Warren the template is to be filled,” he charged.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., even, Warren struck during this debate, namely, “to say a minimum of Bernie’s face as he goes to pay, and the taxes go up. And I’m sorry, Elisabeth, but you have not said, and I think we owe it to the American people to say where we should send the invoice.”

Sanders has openly said to raise taxes “ for almost all”, but argues that the system will ultimately cost less than what pays the employees for premiums and other expenses.

The Warren campaign will insist that the middle class, such costs are likely to face continuing skepticism in the Democratic primaries, the field will be spared.


Buttigieg is not reprised his criticism this week, told Fox News that his concern about Warren’s plan, “only the multi-trillion-dollar hole, but also the fact that most Americans would prefer not to be told that they must give up their private plan.”

An Emory University health-care expert, recently reported by The Washington Post, “there is no question,” a Medicare-for-all-plan “meets the middle class” in a certain way. A new study published by the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal budget also noted that it would be “impossible” for the funding of such plan only with the help of taxes on the richest Americans.

Apart from the cost issues, Warren did appear to confirm this week that Medicare-for-all could cause significant workplace losses, it is “a part of the cost Problem” when confronted with an estimate that almost 2 million jobs could be shed.

In the same interview with the New Hampshire Public Radio, Warren vowed to not sign any legislation into law for the costs that middle-class families would”.”

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