Warren can also be wonkish connection with the voters, say some

in the proximity ofvideo Elizabeth Warren wants to change the Constitution, the end of the electoral Committee

Democratic y presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign announced that the candidate with the next scheduled visits to Iowa on Saturday – in the middle of the conversation, and the senator from Massachusetts, can be considered to win, how much of a policy wonk to the party of the “Europe 2020” nomination.

Warren back to Iowa, March 29-30, with plans to keep speaking at a rally in Storm Lake, meet-and-GREET in Marshalltown and Perry, and the organization of events in West Des Moines, FOX 28 out of Cedar Rapids reported.


But your focus on the break-up of the tech giant, the termination of the election Committee, imposing lobbying prohibitions for the people’s representatives, after they leave office, and the establishment of universal pre-K and child care programs – all popular ideas with many Democratic voters – to not translate clearly into real support for Warren, NPR reported.

“You hear of people that [Warren’s] kind of reminds you of Hillary [Clinton], you mean, in a purely stylistic sense,” Michelle Goldberg, New York Times columnist, told the newspaper podcast Argument. “It leads me to ask: What is the role of policy in a Democratic primary or in our policy?”

“You hear of people that [Warren’s] kind of reminds you of Hillary [Clinton], you mean, in a purely stylistic sense.”

— Michelle Goldberg, New York Times Columnist

“I don’t know whether you would go about nationally,” former New Hampshire state Rep., Daniel Hansberry told the Associated Press. He was among 27 current and former state legislators, signed until 2015 letter urging Warren to the presidency.

“In the North-East and on the West coast, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you have said a great voice,” Hansberry. “But I don’t know whether you are too advanced for other parts of the country.”

In other words, to decide if it’s time to a candidate, but many voters, the voltage prefer rather than the steak.

The concept can explain why Donald Trump crowned Hillary Clinton in 2016, Richard Reeves of the Brookings Institution, wrote soon after the election.


“What Donald Trump has during the campaign it was said that the color in a very broad brush,” Reeves. “Instead of a debate on immigration policy in the round, [asked Trump], ‘Are you for or against the wall? Are you for or against the Muslim prohibition?'”

Warren ‘s failure, fire seems to catch, is reflected in U.S. dollars to: federal filing shows it raised at least US $ 300,000 on the day they launched their campaign – far below the $6.1 million raised by former U.S. Rep. Beto O’rourke, D-Texas, raised $6 million in sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., or the $ 1.5 million raised by Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.

However, Warren seems to stick with the idea that in the year 2020, the devil – I.e, the vote may be in the details.

“The rules of our economy, recently told time magazine manipulated to favor the rich and powerful,” Warren”, ” we can’t afford to just Tinker at the edges. Our fight is for major structural changes.

“The rules of our economy are so manipulated to favor the rich and powerful, we can’t afford to just Tinker at the edges. Our fight is for major structural changes.”

— U.S. sen Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

“This is the time to identify for the Democrats exactly what is broken,” she continued, “and, exactly, how we will solve it.”

Apart from the idea that you can Warren, focuses too much on political details, others note that many of the voters Warren may associate with an event, worked against them: to prove their Version of the DNA-results in last October, in an attempt, their claims of Native American ancestry – which won her the mocking nickname “Pocahontas,” by President Trump.

Warren landed the chief of the Cherokee Nation in early February apologized, in the midst of claims that she had exaggerated her ancestry for personal gain. Then, only days later, reports surfaced that Warren had claimed Native American heritage on a 1986 Texas State Bar registration form.


Finally, Warren and Yes, some of the other Democrats in the 2020-field — faces an unfortunate historical fact: the voters rarely back US senators for the presidency, dear members of Congress and governors.

If sen. Barack Obama was elected in 2008, he became only the third senator was sitting behind Warren Harding and John F. Kennedy to win the White house, told Politico.

So the obstacles between Warren and the White house seems to make, their potential election as the nation’s first female President even more power.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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