Warren calls for the scrapping of the 1994 crime bill, in the dig at Biden

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Massachusetts sen. Elizabeth Warren sought to distinguish themselves from two of their top rivals for the democratic presidential nomination, as they unveiled their plan Tuesday to reform the nation’s criminal justice system.

As part of a far-reaching and lengthy proposal, Warren called for reform of the now controversial 1994 the bill – the 2020 democratic front-runner and former Vice-President Joe Biden, helped write as a senator from Delaware in front of a quarter of a century.

Warren, the Federal government also called on prod States, cities, counties, and municipalities to decriminalize school truancy – the thrust against the aggravation of the penalties is another rival, California, Sr., Kamala Harris, during her years as a San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general.


“The 1994 bill aggravated the incarceration rates in this country, and to punish the people more difficult, even for minor offenses, and limiting the discretion in the store, and penalties in our legal system,” Warren argued in a Medium post outlining your plan.

She stressed that such “tough on crime” approach “was wrong, it was a mistake, and it must be repealed.”

“There are some sections of the law, such as those said in connection with domestic violence, should be maintained — but the majority of the law must go,” she said.


Other rivals for the nomination – including Harris and Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey have repeatedly Biden criticized for his involvement in the 1994 bill was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. Biden has already highlighted a long time, its role in the aid of writing, the law, which at the time was the largest anti-crime bill in the history of the nation. The measure provided for thousands of new police officers, to Finance millions of dollars, prevention programs, and billions of dollars to build new prisons.

But the law has long been criticized by the Democrats, the blame of the measure to the increase in arrests, especially among the minorities, on the basis of a mandatory life sentence policy for repeat offenders.

Trim jabs from the numerous competitors on the law, Biden has a lot of other aspects of the measure, including the credit on the law of the gun-control provisions, including the attack defends ban on weapons – which he said helped him “against the NRA.”

But s criminal justice plan Biden ‘ – he released earlier this summer – would reverse the stricter set of conditions for crack versus powder cocaine, which were implemented 1994 legal.


In your plan, Warren promised to break what they described as the “school-to-prison-pipeline.”

You complain that “schools are increasingly relying on police officers to discipline, while the neglect of the services, which are crucial for the well-being of the students,” she said, “at least fourteen million pupils attending schools with a police officer, but without a single adviser, social worker, psychologist, or nurse.”

Warren demanded that the Federal government is to push government, the Federal States and municipalities to decriminalize truancy and “instead, increasing the number of school mental health staff, and the schools with resources for the training of teachers and administrators in positive behavioral interventions, trauma-informed to limit alternative discipline practices, and implicit bias, suspensions, expulsions, and minor violation of the arrests.”

Truancy laws – punishment for students, which vary repeatedly absent from school – across the country, with fines and even imprisonment in some cases for parents or children.


Harris’ Prosecutor’s office record of pushing truancy prosecution of the parents come up repeatedly during the 2020 campaign.

Another 2020 Democratic presidential contenders – former Rep. Beto O’rourke of Texas has also refusal for the decriminalization of school.

Warren criminal-law reform proposals call for, among other things, the decriminalization of marijuana and an end to the policy of the Ministry of justice under President Trump require prosecutors to seek maximum prison sentences.

After releasing their plan, Warren is a “criminal law reform “Roundtable held”, the later, Tuesday morning in Minneapolis. Warren unveiled her proposals, only two days after another leading to a progressive rival for the nomination is Bernie Sanders of Vermont, obtained his criminal justice reform plan wrapped.

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