Warren Beatty slept with 12.775 women

Warren Beatty slept with 12.775 women

Warren Beatty denies that he was a womanizing, but the story that he was with 12.775 women to share the bed is, according to the Bonnie and Clyde-actor crap.

“Think about it after. That would not only mean that there are multiple people per day were, but also that it is never two times with the same person going on,” said the 79-year-old in the American gepensioneerdenblad AARP Magazine.

The famous number comes from a biography of Warren that was released in 2010. In the book with the title How Warren Beatty America seduced, writer Peter Biskind with what he compared to the New York Post “a simple formula” called to the conclusion that the actor almost 13,000 bedpartners had.

The “oscar” Italian had during his career, relationships with stars like Madonna, Jane Fonda, Joan Collins and Diane Keaton, which brought him the reputation of a womanizer and efficiency. “Listen, I’ve never been someone deceived”, says Beatty about that in the interview. “And I’m a nice guy.”


In any case, one former flame thought otherwise: Carly Simon gave earlier this year after years of speculation that her song You’re So Vain ” is indeed about Beatty.

The actor married in 1992, Annette Bening, with whom he had four children by him.

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