Warren, Amazon spar -, Twitter-war, in the year 2020 The tech giant of “deliberately misconstrue” facts

in the vicinityVideoHow realistic is Elizabeth Warren’s plan to cancel the debt of the students?

Democratic presidential candidate sen. Elizabeth Warren unveiled in return to eliminate the proposal, student loan debt and all public universities, tuition and fees; the reaction of Peter Morici, the former chief economist of the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Elizabeth Warren openly sparred with Amazon in a series of pointed tweets on Tuesday, just hours after they recorded during a nationally televised town hall that they are still in business in the e-commerce giants-even if they are broken, it will, together with a number of other large tech companies.

Warren started the spat on Monday by your argument that Amazon is abusing reiterated its control over the Amazon Marketplace, the host of the third-party providers, to improve the group’s own retail business, and unjustifiably, to the detriment of third-party providers.

“Large tech companies have too much power,” wrote Warren on Monday night, the embedding of a clip, in her speech at the town hall. “My plan #BreakUpBigTech prevents companies like Amazon from knocking the rest of the competition. You are a referee, or you can players-but you can’t be both.”

In response, the official Amazon-News-Twitter-account Tuesday, wrote this afternoon that the third-party have been the seller, better than ever.


“[S] ellers will not be ‘knocked-out’ – you see, the sales figures for every year,” Amazon wrote, to deny that it is with a third-party vendor data to strengthen their own products. “Also at Walmart, Amazon for less than 4% of US retail sales is much greater.”

“Oh boy,” Warren shot back. “Here are the facts.”

The Massachusetts senator then cited the “reports” that Amazon third party used by the seller, the data of the own products successfully, and with Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal article on the topic.

Warren also claimed that Amazon is trying to “deliberately wrong almost 50 percent of the market share interpret” in the online-trading by numbers rather than with brick-and-mortar.

A CNN town hall asked on Monday, to identify you buy your last Amazon, Warren said, you bought a mailbox.

But even if you break shops in Jeff Bezos’ mega-retailer, Warren told host Anderson Cooper that, Amazon would lead to “a lot more competition, where small businesses will get a chance.”

In addition to Amazon, Warren previously said she wanted to break up Google, Facebook and Apple.

And spoke to The threshold, at the South by Southwest (SXSW) technology conference last month in Austin, Texas, Warren demanded that Apple must be forced to stop either surrender control of the App Store, or the sale of their own apps.

“Apple, you have to break it apart from the App Store. It must be said, one or the other,” Warren. “Either you operate the platform, or play in the store. You don’t get to do both at the same time.”


You are not prepared: “If you get a platform where others come to sell, then you have to sell your own items on the platform, because they are two comparative advantages. Man, you’re up against sucks information about each buyer and each seller, you have to sell a decision about what you are going to. And secondly, you have the ability — because they run the platform, in order to prefer your product over someone else’s product. There is a huge comparative advantage of the platform.”

Warren claims that similar antitrust applied legal principles “the railway companies more than one hundred years,” and: “we must now take a look at the technical platforms of the same way.”

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