Warning Trump to North Korea ‘not heavy enough’

Warning Trump to North Korea ‘not heavy enough’

North Korea would be “very, very nervous” if it does something against the United States. That said, the Us president, Donald Trump Thursday.

He added that his harsh language towards North Korea might still be “not heavy enough”.

Earlier this week escalated the rhetoric between the two countries when Trump North Korea threatened with “fire and fury”.

Maybe it was “that note is still not strong enough,” explained Trump to reporters prior to a meeting with national safety advisers.

The tensions between the Stalinist country and the United States are high, especially after rakettesten and the development of nuclear warheads by the North Koreans.

North Korea gave earlier on Thursday plans for a potential attack on the island of Guam in the pacific, where America is a large naval and air base. South Korea called on Wednesday, the northern country to stop the provocation so that the tensions to the Korean peninsula even further.


Trump suggested that North Korea, a count adjust should fit, “otherwise the problems such as but few countries have experienced”. According to him, the American military machine in this 100 percent behind him. He added, however, that the United States negotiations with North Korea at any time will consider.

Trump doubts whether the recently agreed UN sanctions against North Korea have the desired effect. He said to believe that China in the conflict can do more and more will do.


It is for analysts outside of North Korea is difficult to estimate how far the nuclear program of the dictatorial country has progressed. The regime keeps the doors to the outside world and the international political community closed. In addition, many nuclear tests underground run.

By a number of large tests that are well above ground took place, could observers ‘keep up’ with the techniques that the North Koreans have developed. Since 2006, five nuclear test conducted in North Korea; the last was in september 2016.

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