WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Massive python swallows even bigger python, but can not cope with the

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Now that is a case of having eyes too big for your stomach.

A photographer captured incredible images of a huge python in Western Australia, trying to swallow, an even larger python.

However, the hungry python, which is estimated at 11.5 metres and 13 metres in length, could not cope with the meal, and then regurgitated.


“This beauty is with us this morning,” Parry Creek Farm Tourist Resort and Caravan Park, wrote in a Facebook post.

(Credit: Amanda Jongedyk/Parry Creek Farm)

The Park continued: “We are moving these big boys, so they don’t eat our chooks [chickens]. We saw he had a good supply of something (yes we are counting the chooks it was not one of them) and safe and dragged him. As soon as he is out of the bag, he began to regurgitate, then we saw the tail! Thought it was a black whip snake – WOW were we wrong! It all happened very quickly and he was back safe and sound. Unfortunately he lost his lunch, but we hope he picks up something else and the birds are left-overs.”

The images were captured by Wyndham, Western Australia resident Amanda Jongedyk, which they shared with the Park. The incredible photos, which Jongedyk told Fox News, were taken on May 20, have since gone viral, having been shared more than 100 times.

(Credit: Amanda Jongedyk/Parry Creek Farm)

Although snake cannibalism is not as rare, according to Live Science, their diet consists mainly of small animals, but sometimes they have been known to eat adult deer, antelope, and in rare cases, humans. In 2017, a giant 23-foot python was found to have eaten an Indonesian farmer, swallowing the man whole.

Pythons, which are native to Australia, as well as various parts of Africa and Asia, it is known that in a number of cases to reach 27 feet long and weighs a whopping 350 pounds.


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