Warhaus, Brutus and Paper Hats on their Vinyl Frontier Award for Best Debut

The alternative MIA’s, so you should get the brand new Red Bull Belgium: The Vinyl Frontier Awards can be described. The three best debutants of the past year, according to which VFA? Sweet Balthazar-offshoot Warhaus, the three noisy Leuven boerkes of Brutus, and the quirky instrumental collective Paper Hats.

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Warhaus – We Fucked A Flame Into Being: “I wanted to make a record that I until my retirement in style could play.”

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“An award win? That is not the reason why I make music, but it is nice to have the validation,” says Maarten Devoldere, the blond frontman of Balthazar, the love of Sylvie Kreusch and driving force of Warhaus.

You won in the category Best Debut. It felt like days, since you already have three plates have been released with Balthazar?

MAARTEN DEVOLDERE. I wanted to do something else than Balthazar and therefore I had to really re-discover. I often felt back sixteen, me nervous klaarmakend for a gig in a youth club. With Balthazar, I have been Frost affected, but still I was with Warhaus in the AB Club – with a capacity of about 250 man – strontnerveus.

What do you want to achieve with We Fucked A Flame Into Being?

DEVOLDERE: Well, my biggest idols to tell a story on a plate. For example, if you to Blonde On Blonde of Bob Dylan listening, it feels like you are in a certain phase of his life walking and not spectating. That’s what I wanted to do: my story, from beginning to end. To make an album that I until my retirement in style.

Warhaus came up with a use-by date.

DEVOLDERE: In december we crawl with Balthazar indeed back in the studio. We want Balthazar to reinvent, but how that will sound, I don’t know yet. Until then, I still want as much as possible to play with Warhaus. In september we do a Russia, within a few weeks even Japan.

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BRUTUS – BURST: “of Course, Brutus is still groeimarge, otherwise we would no longer exist.”

“We are Brutus, three boerkes from Leuven,” so led singer and drummer, Stefanie Mannaerts the albumreleaseshow of Brutus’ heavy debut album. That was two months ago in a sold-out AB Club. Since then, to overwhelm the trio also Copenhagen and London, Bern and Berlin. “The foreign countries reacted more excited than I had ever dared dream.”

Which you have that success?

STEFANIE MANNAERTS: Hard to say. We have in any case little involved with networking and business plans, and really focused on the music. We wanted to make sure that BURST the best record was that we at that time could record. What also helped: signs with an English label. So you still get easier foot on the ground in the UK.

There Is still groeimarge for Brutus?

MANNAERTS: Absolutely, otherwise it would Brutus no longer exist. We already have many new ideas for the next album. And in the meantime I take singing lessons, because previously I was after every encounter hoarse.

You plays the drums and sings at the same time. What do you like to do?

MANNAERTS: Drumming. On boilers save and so keiveel noise, better is it not? That comes from a kind of oerinstinct. Technique is not so important, but the drive.

With a Vinyl Frontier Award in the bag, aim you are now on a MIA?

MANNAERTS: (laughs) Awards are really cool, but it is not our goal. Our first priority is play, fucking hard work and so will be better. Because it is not that we our songs are shit, eh.

Paper Hats – PH02: “We do not want to make compromises. Therefore, we are surprised by all these positive reactions.”

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It was equally unclear what Paper Hats (our word went. Yannick Desmet in the end the honours to observe: “But that still had Mich Leemans. Or Glenn Croughs, the creative brain of the group. Or his wife, Ann Verbruggen, a great musician. We are a collective. For ten years, close friends and six-year Paper Hats.”

You have six years to debut the PHO2 worked?

YANNICK DESMET: in the beginning we wrote music, but never with the intention to make a record. We are very critical about ourselves. But with this collection of songs we had something like this: “this is really good, we should do something with it.’

And a half years later, have you had a first award bite.

DESMET: The max. We are, however, still surprised by all these positive reactions. Because we have never stopped and thought about what’s hip or popular. We do not want to make compromises. The music should groove and feel, that is the only what for us counts. We look, therefore, to Soulwax. That men do just what they want to have and remain to innovate.

What the future brings?

DESMET: There are still a few performances on the schedule. We are also one new song on the record. But we will especially not let it be rushed: we are not going to quickly-quickly something new release because now we’re a little bit in the spotlight. We will only release if we fully support. I think that’s also the strength of PHO2: we have our time for getting caught.

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