Wants to jump from waterfalls in Costa Rica? This group brings tourists to do that

Matthew Rosenthal and Brian Galloway are spending their time searching for falls on the other side of the country — and then they help tourists to take the plunge.

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A series of beautiful new photos show fearless tourists threw themselves from cliffs as high as 100 metres and then take a dip in the pools under — as part of a new tour group offers all the excitement of the tourists in Costa Rica, which is famous for its beautiful waterfalls.

Divers and guides, Matthew Rosenthal, and Brian Galloway are spending their time searching for falls on the other side of the Central American country, drive across the island and along the river to find a waterfall, rocks to try and dive in, later taking tourists to jump on them.

“We research and find all these different waterfalls on a daily basis,” said Rosenthal, 33. “In our free time, this is what you do.”

Sometimes you just get really lucky and find an epic waterfall, it is the best feeling ever,” said Rosenthal.

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Rosenthal added that, because of Costa Rica’s abundance of rivers, “if you just follow a river, the chances are that you are going to find a waterfall. Sometimes you just get really lucky and find an epic waterfall, it is the best feeling ever.

“It doesn’t take long to find one, it might not be the most beautiful waterfall you will ever see, but there will always be a little swim, you can swim in.

“We have such a wild time, I love it so much,” he added.

Originally a real estate financier, Matthew, decided to flip his career around and move to Costa Rica to work with his long-time friend Galloway, 35, 2013. The couple have made it their mission to find the greatest waterfalls of all time.

“It’s funny, because I was not always in diving,” said Rosenthal, originally from New Jersey. “At the time of moving, I didn’t know that I would love to jump from 60 meters or 70-foot waterfalls on a regular basis and shoot them. “But it’s great and we get to do this every day. I always look forward to every day, I live the dream. I am very happy about it.”

Rosenthal, who says that he jumps high waterfalls on a regular basis, ” he says, “living the dream.”

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“But I love him, I’ve always been athletic,” Rosenthal added. “And I think it’s physical.”


Rosenthal and Galloway, a dive school called Paddle 9, both come up with the idea five years ago.

Paddle 9 is officially already since 2014, and since then has been taking groups of people around the Nauyaca Waterfalls, located in the southern region of Costa Rica. These majestic waterfalls are one of the main attractions of the southern region of Costa Rica.

Guided tours with Rosenthal’s and Galloway’s of the group costs around $130.

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“There is no element of danger,” said Rosenthal. “The people of all abilities can do this, even children.”

“We physically climb up people, people have to listen to my words. Myself and the team takes full control. I take people’s hands and feet and I get the people to see what a great view. We are excited about it and I think it shows.”

Rosenthal added that “it is best to get a sense of people doing things they thought they never could do, and it’s all so safe. The energy is great.”

Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, offers the guests an experience that they might not otherwise get.

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Rosenthal and Galloway work with a team of seven people in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, as part of the Paddle 9. They also specialize in the ocean paddleboarding in the Mangroves, which has some of the most eco-diverse areas.

“We are all experienced divers and love what we do,” said Rosenthal. “Many of our divers jumped from the cliffs as high at 120 feet. It is great to see them fly through the air with no fear — we can all do double blackflips and twist.

“We would like our own kicks and have a fantastic and wild time. It’s really fun.”

“The energy is amazing,” says the tour is a co-founder.

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A day trip with Paddle 9 cost $130 and consists of three waterfalls, jumping and sliding to a beach, swimming, in the rain forest, lunch and guides that also the wear of the equipment during the day.

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