Walldog and Würst: a tasty fashion collection with a story

The Belgian fashion label Walldog translates stories and inscriptions of authentic shops to collections. Soon there will be also a local hero from Flanders. The Leuven butcher Rondou, preferred supplier of the ‘haute dogs’ from Würst (Jeroen Meus), was the inspiration for a new capsule collection.

© Walldog

When you have a city visit are not great monuments or the tourist hotspots that the character of the neighborhood. The small self-employed workers, the barbers and butchers, the slotenmakers and the bakers that the soul exhale, not coincidentally, the professions that the need to struggle in our current society to remain standing against the giant chains. When the Belgian label Walldog* they embrace these small shops with their etalageraam set the tone or just the tone fall.

* A “Walldog” was the callsign for the ‘just-not-good-enough-artist’ that commercial logos and artwork used on walls, signs and display cases in the United States of the 19th century. Local craft was the inspiration for their typographic art, with which the local economy anywhere in the world, a face gifts.


It is also for this reason that they Walldog have focused on a fashion line that this authenticity in the paint. The logos, billboards or funny inscriptions of the ‘street shops’ print Walldog on T-shirts, tops, tanks, and sweatshirts for both men and women. As you will discover between the first collection of T-shirts with the logo of Claudio, an Italian barber in New York, or of the Dancing & Acting Class of Babu in Mumbai.

© Walldog

Each print on your shirt or sweater is linked to an online video, where the friendly owners met in their “temples of authenticity and craft” – the typical local humour included. In your shirt are some more facts about what you are wearing. Even the gps coordinates of the exact location of your print. The usual ‘hang tags’ are replaced by the beautiful postcards with the original image of the logo.

Walldog brings uppers a part of the profits of his kledingverkoop back to a social cause in the region where the story comes from. The more the stories are shared via social media, and the greater the sales, the more can be invested in the local economy. Walldog has partnered with SOS children’s Villages and other local ngos.

Stories to tell

Stories tell, that was for the initiator and compatriot Philippe Pelsmaekers, the main objective. And now he has his sights focused on a Flemish store, namely the Leuven butcher Rondou, which, since 1965. Together with Jeroen Meus developed butcher Rondou in 2015 the “Würst saucisse”. That is 100% from pork and beef. No bread crumbs, no additives, no E-numbers, but only the best meat, cooked on a charcoal grill

“Behind such a tasty worstenrecept must have a good story”, they thought, with Walldog and so they took their camera along to use this service butcher Rondou. Through the below video, you’ll discover the story behind the haute dogs and the love of a butcher, Filip Rondou for axes, which are also the inspiration for the official Würst / Walldog T-shirts & sweaters were. The team of Jeroen Meus & co is already a fan of the collection. In all the Würst foodtrucks carries the staff of the official Walldog T-shirts as a uniform for this summer. (KS)

From the middle of August, is the capsule collection of T-shirts & sweaters available in the outlets of Walldog. Impatient fans can already reserve a copy via the website. So, you can enjoy 10% discount and carry you above all, your contribution to the Rondou Foundation, an organization dedicated to the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The collection consists of 2 sweaters and 1 T-shirt for men. A sweater purchase you temporarily to €89,99 i.p.v €99,99, a T-shirt purchase you temporarily to €44,99 instead of €49,99 Pre-order here:

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