Walden calls stopped, as the GOP retirement riptide goes

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U.S. attorney John Durham’s probe into potential FBI and Department of justice misconduct in the run-up to the election in 2016 and beyond, the transition to a full-fledged criminal investigation Department has to say, sources; handle Jenkins has the reaction from Washington.

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On the roster: Walden calls stopped, as the GOP retirement riptide continues – Biden says he asked Obama to withhold approval of the Senate-Republicans are getting antsy – Bevin error with car rival – Monday, slag, Monday

Politico: “Rep. Greg Walden, the top Republican on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, will retire at the end of this Congress, the veteran lawmaker announced Monday. The 62-year-old Walden, who was first elected in 1998, said he was confident that he would win re-election, but instead decided to end his congressional career in the Jan. 2021. “Based on recent polling, strong fundraising, and the support of my wife and my family, I am confident that I could earn the support of the 2. District voters for a further term of office.’ … “But I also know that for me, the time has come to pursue new challenges and opportunities.’ … The Oregon Congressman is to announce the 17th house Republican to retire this cycle, to gain a sign of how difficult it will be for the GOP to regain the majority in what is already shaping up as a tough 2020 election.”

California Congressman resigns amid sex scandal – WaPo: “Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.) on Sunday her resignation from the Congress announced in the midst of an ethics investigation into the accusations that she had an intimate relationship with a congressional staff in your office. “It is the heart broken that today proclaim I wrote the resignation from the Congress mine,” Hill said in a statement. “This is the hardest thing I had to do ever, but I think it is the best thing for my constituents, my community and our country.’ Hill’s spokeswoman said that the withdrawal will not be immediate, and the mountain is still to decide, when you leave the office. … Last week, the house ethics Committee launched an investigation into allegations that Hill was in a relationship with your legislative director, Graham Kelly, a relationship that would violate house ethics rules. … Hill’s announcement comes ahead of an early deadline for the seat Dec. 6. Democrats argued Sunday night that she would win the free place in the next year in a district that Hillary Clinton won by six percentage points in 2016.”

“It has been up to lately, a received and uncontradicted opinion that the prosperity of the people of America depended on their continuing firmly United, and the wishes, prayers, and efforts of our best and wisest citizens were directed steadily on the object.” – John Jay, Federalist No. 2

Smithsonian: “dogs have helped, law enforcement and search and rescue crews discover human remains for decades. But recently, a new group with the help of the canines and their olfactory super enlisted forces: the archaeologists. In a recent publication in the journal of Archaeological method and theory, Vedrana Glavaš, an archaeologist at the University of Zadar in Croatia, and Andrea Pintar, a cadaver dog handler, described how dogs are trained to find human remains and helped them to track down the grave sites from the time around 700 B. C. For The Guardian, Joshua Rapp Learn, reports that the team tested the dogs in a fortress, called Drvišica along the Croatian Adriatic coast. To test … to, dogs, Glavaš had to sniff it to an area where you had sites excavated three graves in the year before. … Two dogs, to work independently, easily all three spots. … The study is a proof-of-concept that dogs could be more widely used in archaeology as a non-destructive method in the search for human burials…”

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Biden: 27,6 points, (↓ 0.6 from last wk.)
Warren: 24.8 points (↓ 1.6 from last wk.)
Sanders: 14.6 points (↑ 1.2 from last wk.)
Buttigieg: 6.4 points (↑ 0.2 from last wk.)
Harris: 4.8 points (↑ 0.4 from last wk.)
[Mean values Quinnipiac University, CNN, Fox News, IBD, and Monmouth University.]

Average Approval: 41.4 Percent
The average of the rejection: 55.6 percent
Net Rating: -14.2%
Change from a week ago: ↓ 2.4 points
[Average, includes: Quinnipiac University: 38% approve, reject – 58%; CNN: 42% approve – 57% lean; Gallup: 39% approve – 57% lean; Fox News: 43% approve lean – 55%; NPR/PBS/Marist: 45% approve, reject – 51%.]

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NY Post: “Joe Biden claimed in a new interview that he asked Barack Obama not to endorse his candidacy for President and called on President Trump a ‘fool’ say the Russian election interference is a ‘hoax.’ The former Vice President appeared on ’60 minutes’ on Sunday, where he was asked by the anchor , Norah O’donnell , when Obama, in which he served for eight years in the White house, offered to throw his full support behind the campaign. “No, we don’t get at all,” Biden responded. “I asked him. He said, ‘OK’, ‘I think it is better — I think he thinks it is better for me.’ But if he ends up as the 2020 Democratic nominee, Biden, 76, said he had “no doubt” that Obama will fight to the choice for me.'”

Olivia Nuzzi: Biden ‘ s zombie-campaign – NY Mag: “The threatening presence of the last guy, Jim, is particularly important for the optics. Jim is a tall and official looking. He greets the world, chest-first, his hands resting in a dignified closure, his expression, his mouth rigid. Most of the people assume that he is a Secret Service agent. He was. But ex-VPs don’t get to do the security for life, such as ex-President. Most people do not know that it is not the politically-savvy types, this kind of things. And this is all for the best, because Jim … is a necessary component of the vibe you are trying to generate here have the Big President’s power, if you will, that the powers of this production. And it is a production. This also applies if the event is small, which is often, because the shares are never — Joe Biden speak off the cuff is something that concentrated seems to be the whole campaign on the prevention at all costs. … For a political Reporter, not amazed every day how good this is to watch Biden can feel like on the rodeo. They are there because on some level you know that you may see that someone will be killed.”

Climb is always steeper down-tier in the December debate, FiveThirtyEight: “For many Democratic presidential candidates, the debates, not quite so hard. After all the 12 candidates from the stage in October and nine already qualified for the November debate. But on Friday, the Democratic National Committee to its stringent selection criteria, raise both the polling and donor-threshold values for the December-debate published. And from the looks of it, could the new rules, a thorn in the side of many of the candidates who qualified up to now for current debates. … But with over a month still to qualify, it is likely at least two more candidates will be cut to make. Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Kamala Harris each have only one survey to qualify. But then the probability that the other candidates will qualify is, well, questionable.”

Tyler Perry’s debate host? – Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “we are told that the contract is signed, but the plans are for the fifth debate of the Democratic presidential candidates will be held on Nov. 20 at Tyler Perry Studios on the site of what was once Fort McPherson. … The newly opened $ 250 million studio is the only major film studio in the nation owned by an African American. The debate is certain to fight to a point of culmination for a one-time playwright who, more than 20 years ago, was kicked out of his apartment and lived out of a car. This is a message sure to be celebrated by the Democrats, who are depending on a strong turnout by African-Americans, the from up to 60% of the primary voters in 2018, and in 2020, election campaign.”

Rashida Tlaib back Sanders on the Detroit rally – Fox News: “Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., it was the last of their colleagues ‘Squad’ members to support sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., for the President, in conjunction with him to a Detroit rally. “We deserve someone who writes the damn bills,” she said, noted Sanders is a man of the people, as the Detroit Free Press reported. “We deserve Bernie Sanders.’ Tlaib pointed out that Sanders is a transformative leader that provides solutions, the obligation to the company or the mediocre ideologies of the status quo. … The gain of the OK-the ‘Squad’ members have been seen as crucial in attracting young voters, while the top three Democrats in the polls are all seniors — Sanders ‘ 78, former Vice-President, Joe Biden, is 76, and Warren is 70 years old.”

WaPo: “In the hushed conversations in the past week, GOP senators complained that the fast-growing probe fraying of your party, the grip still completely in Trump’s. They expressed despair in the expectation that you defend the President against the annoying picture that was painted, neither with convincing arguments from the White house, nor the confidence that something worse will not be so quickly discovered. “It feels like a horror movie,” said a veteran Republican senator, who spoke on condition of anonymity to frankly describe the consensus.”

Ex-Bolton aide wants the court to decide whether Trump can keep – Fox News: Charles Kupperman, a former Deputy of ex-National security adviser John Bolton, is looking to the courts to resolve a new deadlock in the indictment request, as Democrats threaten him with contempt to defy a subpoena in the direction of the White house. The subpoena had ordered Kupperman to appear for a deposition Monday morning. He did not. In response to a tough letter from the house Democratic leader, Kupperman’s lawyer , Charles Cooper, suggested his client is ready, in accordance with their requirements and finally — unless a judge tells him to do.”

Ducks: indictment unpopular in key swing states – CNN: “A look at the national polls show that the impeachment and removal of the trump card from the office, a minimum of, a plurality of position. … In fact, take an examination of the battleground States that Democrats almost certainly need to the way to 2020. The New York Times and Siena College, of 2018 ‘ s most accurate pollster took a poll of voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona. These were the closest States in the country, the elections cast their vote for Trump in 2016 Only 43% of voters in these six States want to prosecute, and to remove from office at this time. The majority, 53%, do not do this. This does not mean that the margin to be running impeachment and removal is the trump card in these countries (+10 points), far ahead of the Trump margin in these States by about 1.5 points. In other words, impeachment and removal of the trump card from the office in these States is a popular position.”

AP: “in the last days of Kentucky’s bitter race for Governor, Republican incumbent, Matt Bevin , was a new attack by flatly denying his recorded claim that suicides happen every night in the casinos. A debate audience Saturday evening told, that the truth in matters, Bevin challenged to produce his opponent, a Band to prove his denial is wrong. Democrat Andy Beshear offered tape Sunday. The televised exchange turned to Bevin summer-radio interview on WKDZ is a talking point for the Democrats heading into the last full week of campaigning in the vicinity of the gubernatorial contest. In the interview, Bevin claimed, without evidence, that even murders occur on a nightly basis in casinos. The exchange highlighted the resentment between the two rivals, which is intensified when Beshear as the state’s attorney general, complained again and again of the Governor for several of his policies and decisions of the Executive.”

Former N. C. Senator Kay Hagan unexpectedly dies at 66 – Charlotte Observer

Former Michigan Rep. John Conyers is dead in the 90 – Fox News

E. U. gives Brexit other extension – NBC News

Boo birds diss Trump in his first presidential baseball outing – USA Today

Pergram: Halloween arrive in DC, and it is always eerie and creepy, on the hill – Fox News

“Did you program him into the candidate protection. I don’t know if you can do that. I don’t know, if you go through a whole campaign this way. Either he can hack it or he can’t hack it. If you are concerned, that the candidate hurt himself in conversation with a reporter, that’s a bad sign.” – Former Obama adviser David Axelrod speaks in NY Magazine Olivia Nuzzi.

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WTTG: “morbidly obese cat in Washington is under strict orders to shed some pounds-and she’s not happy about it. The extra-fluffy feline, named Cinder, was on a treadmill in the water in a veterinarian’s office in Bellingham. But instead of walking on all fours, the fat cat sat in the corner and is just a paw on the treadmill — all while meowing in frustration. Cinder, which also goes by the nickname of “Cinder Block” had been abandoned to Northshore veterinary hospital by their previous owners. … In the animal hospital said that they decided to have a underwater treadmill for Cinder, because she has arthritis in multiple joints, and with an additional 10 kilograms of body weight. They started with a low water level to get you used to the feeling, and the gradual increase in use of the more you use it. Staff said she is accustomed to with the treadmill.”

“First of all, you don’t have to tell the Trumpites that happened to us for six months, no deals ever? And now you say for Sure that it happened. So what? Everyone is doing it. What remains of your credibility, if you are such a casual about-face?” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes in the Washington Post on 13 July 2017.

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