Waldemar Torenstra: ‘is Not known to appear in the new Baantjer’

Each episode is a well-known Dutchman, who seem to play as Baantjer, there was to be known. In this series, Baantjer: in the beginning, it will be broken with this tradition, says Waldemar Torenstra, on

Katja Schuurman, Frank, Lammers, Beau van Erven Dorens and Dieuwertje Blok, all played a corpse in ‘Baantjer’. However, unlike the old series, the new series with a longer story and not every episode is a separate murder case. For this reason, a well-known human body is not convenient, it is Torenstra.

“One Annechien Steenhuizen, of course, would be quite funny as a dead body. A person who is in the News it presents, you’d expect isn’t there, and you can use it to change the voltage a little bit to break in. However, because this series is different, it is made up and you are correct in that voltage will continue to be, it would be the story to break. And you don’t want that,” said the actor in conversation with

“We’ve talked about this before, or Victor Reinier (which Vledder played in ‘Baantjer’ – ed.) not much fun, it would have been as a dead body. But it is true: you get your own story out of it anymore.”

If there is no-one’s looking, it’s just poop’

The new series takes place before the events of the old episodes and show how, As in the Cock, Waldemar Torenstra in the Baantjer: in the beginning, Piet Römer) in the series of the nineties) in his career, as Amsterdam agent, will start.

In 2018, the movie Baantjer: in the very beginning. In the same series picks up the story where the movie ended, and will be broadcast on television, as the first two episodes so far. After these two episodes, the viewer can see how The Cock-up with his new colleague, Andy Horseman (played by Yannick Josefzoon) in Amsterdam in the eighties, this is going to work.

Some of the pressure off of the actors was high as Baantjer, was one of the most popular series on television, and the film received a Golden Film status and has more than 100,000 users. Josefzoon played in the movie, and it feels like the expectations are. “Not at all, I have with each and every project that I work on. You want it to be successful, and that people like it.”

“There will always be people who are disappointed that it does not have a copy of the old series. It is precisely because the film was a success, I think, is that people are excited about it and have been waiting for,” says the actress, Lisa Smith, who is the darling of the As the Cock will play

Also, Torenstra will find it interesting, Here is that it was created by a commercial broadcasting company, and there is a lot of money to invest in it. It’s not a Filmfondsproject in which you may be thinking: well, it was a great movie, thousands of people have seen it, and that’s fine. I do not mean this derogatory, that I think it’s very important to say to you. That’s part of the job. But we have to make a commercial range and there’s just so many people to look at it. And if there’s no-one’s looking, then it’s just poop.”

Baantjer: in The Beginning, it is starting on the 30th of december, at the Video to see it. The series will start on RTL4.

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