Waiting times for MENTAL health care settings in child welfare for too long

Waiting times for MENTAL health care settings in child welfare for too long

In about 45 percent of all MENTAL healthcare institutions in the Netherlands are the waiting times too long, especially in the youth.

Children and young people up to eighteen years with anxiety symptoms, depression, or other mental disorders have an average of six weeks wait for a first interview. According to the rules it should not be longer than four weeks.

Adults need an average of five weeks of waiting, according to a survey from research firm MediQuest. The shortest wait for people to the addiction services. With more than 80 percent of the institutions is the waiting time within the standard. On average, people with addiction issues three weeks to wait before they can get help.

According to the researchers, takes 4 percent of the MENTAL health-settings, no new patients due to long waiting lists.


“Despite ample, by the Dutch healthcare authority (NZa), the maximum waiting time of four weeks for an interview, this is frequently exceeded. For those with mental health needs, so it is not obvious that he also receive timely. Shorter waiting times can aggravation of the complaints and problems of a patient to prevent,” said the researchers.

MediQuest took more than a thousand locations of MENTAL health care settings under the microscope for the research.

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