Waiting for long by the juvenile court judge imposed therapy

Waiting for long by the juvenile court judge imposed therapy

Young people by the juvenile court judge be required therapy to follow have to deal with long waiting times, which can last up to one year. Causes are the waiting lists for these forms of care and onwennigheid to the municipalities.

That turns out Tuesday from a tour of the Volkskrant.

Earlier this year it became known that the waiting times in the spiritual youth for too long. That now appears to apply also to young people who the court, in treatment, for example, to learn how to deal with their aggression or against drug use.

The Public Prosecutor acknowledges the problem. “After the summer, the jeugdreclassering, the Child protection Board and the Public Ministry with the churches to talk about the range of youth and the needs of the strafrechtketen”, says a spokesperson of the Middle of the Netherlands against the newspaper. “Many parties are involved. If the judge is a therapy imposes, it is obviously needed and it should happen. The municipalities have to arrange.”

Complex system

According to the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) are the waiting times is partly due to the fact that the jeugrechter not always know which healthcare facilities a municipality has contacts or is not aware of the waiting lists for certain treatments. The VNG says in a talk with justice. “The problem lies more in the complexity of the new jeugdhulpstelsel than in the bureaucracy in municipalities,” said a spokesman.

The municipalities are since 2015 responsible for the youth.

In may was revealed by a survey research firm MediQuest that the waiting time at about 45 percent of the mental healthcare institutions in the Netherlands too long. This is especially true for the youth. Children and young people up to eighteen years with anxiety symptoms, depression, or other mental disorders have an average of six weeks wait for a first interview. According to the rules it should not be longer than four weeks.

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