VRE bacteria found five patients on the trauma-department AMC

VRE bacteria found five patients on the trauma-department AMC

In the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam (AMC) is in the trauma department in five patients with the VRE-bacteria is determined. The infected by the hospital isolated.

It reports the hospital Thursday.

“The patients in the trauma department of the hospital are already ill, is with them a larger chance of infection with the bacterium. One of the five infected patients also has actually an infection sustained after the infection. This patient we treat with a reserve antibiotic that is not often used, because there is still no resistance is created. The other four patients, only in isolation, as they are carrier of the virus, but no effect of this experience”, explains a spokesperson.

The VRE-bacteria is a enterokok bacteria, which means that the bacteria have become resistant to the commonly used antibiotic vancomycin. The bacteria, which in humans occurs in the intestines, for healthy people, it is rarely a danger.

“People who are not sick, and the bacterium up here have often not bother. We would like three hundred people who may be with the infected people come into contact in the presence of the bacteria check, so they know that they are a carrier. They can the bacterium to take up to a year after infection to carry and, therefore, must take proper precautions to prevent further spread to occur.”

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