Voting is open for the burgemeestersverkiezingen in Istanbul

The voting for the burgemeestersverkiezingen in Istanbul are Sunday morning at 8: 00 pm (your local time) open. The YSK, the supreme electoral council of Turkey, the victory of the oppositiekandidaat Ekrem Imamoglu in the last burgemeestersverkiezingen on the 31st of march, will be declared invalid.

The voting will go at 17: 00 to close. Sunday night, the results of the election were announced. More than ten million people living in Istanbul have the right to vote.

The city has a 25-year-long run and controlled by politicians from the AKP president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. With the victory, Imamoglu, would put an end to them. The difference amounted to about thirteen thousand votes.

Erdogan said after the election, in march, of “organized fraud”. According to him, no one had the right to use the title to claim such a small difference in the number of votes cast.

The supreme committee for elections and found, after investigation, no evidence of organized fraud. However, according to the supreme committee for elections in 225 out of the 30,000 polling officials present and they were some of the uitslagenvellen will not be drawn.

That’s why there are new elections in the city, with more than sixteen million people.

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