Volleybalsters to suffer at topland, Russia’s third loss in a world cup

The Dutch volleybalsters Tuesday, the third defeat suffered at the World Cup in Japan. The team’s coach, Jamie Morrison, were no match against Russia, 3-0.

The match results were 26-24, 25-18, and 25-20 in favor of the number five in the world. Orange occupies the ninth place in the global rankings and lost before the United States of america and Serbia, just as Russia’s top performers.

It was won by Argentina, Kenya, Brazil, india, Cameroon, and South Korea, which means that in the Netherlands, sixteen points, and the fourth. China (23 points), and the united states (twenty-five), and Russia (nineteenth day), there are the better for it. The number one picks in the world cup.

The orange will play another three matches in the world cup. On Friday, wait for a strong China, on Saturday, the Dominican Republic, took office on Sunday, Japan’s last opponent.

Head coach, Jamie Morrison, and saw that his team was struggling with the strong, Russinnen. (Photo: FIVB)

The netherlands will lose the initiative of Russia,

Initially, it did on Tuesday for the volleybalsters against Russia, as the team’s coach Morrison had the initiative in the first set and built an 18-12 lead eventually to. In the final stage, it went wrong anyway.

On the strength of the setwinst stoomden the Russinnen in the second set, which is Orange from the start with the lag and it doesn’t close as it got. In a set of three and went with the time on it, but Russia is also on the roof of the net to them.

The tournament is in Japan, and is true for the Netherlands as a warm-up for the olympic qualifying tournament (OCT) in January. The volleybalsters get a second chance to take part in the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo, japan.

The Top 6 in state cup

  • 1. China, 8-23 (24-2)
  • 2. United States 8-20 (21-17)
  • 3. Russia, 8-19 (21-8)
  • 4. The netherlands, 8-16 (17-10)
  • 5. Serbia 8 to 12 (17-15)
  • 6. Brazil, 7 to 12 (14-12)

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