Volleybalsters see the european cup as a ‘great general’, for the second attempt, after the failed OCT.

The Dutch volleybalsters have been determined to be at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Hungary are something to see, after the failed olympic qualifying tournament (NOV) earlier this month. Amber sees the tournament as a good preparation for the rematch, which they will get to win an olympic ticket.

At the beginning of the month, missed it at the FEB, in Rome, the first opportunity to take part in the Olympics for Italy to lose. The impact was hard on the team, head coach Jamie Morrison.

“For the first few days that we were in Papendal, we were all quite hot. I was having a hard time to get back to them). However, at a given point in time, it is also ready,” said the captain Maret Balkestein-Grothues on Friday by the bbc news.

“We need to continue. The JUN was good, but we still have a chance to Play on the European qualifying tournament in January. There’s the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and the World Cup, it is a good dress for you.”

This is the last chance at an olympic ticket in January, is a NOV, with eight participants in Tokyo, japan. It makes the world of the European rankings, plus the host country, and only the winner of the place.

Head Coach Jamie Morrison. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“We need to have more appeal’

After the disappointment in Rome was followed by a good discussion. “What has been said, I’m not going to make it, but we all know that we need to improve,” said Balkestein-Grothues.

“It starts in practice. We need on and off the court, with the same toughness on the field and in the games. And we need each other, more appealing things that are not going well, in and out of the field.”

Balkestein-Grothues and saw that the Orange is not, itself, was at the OCT. “I was just not very good. We can, of Belgium, and Kenya will still win, but Italy, which has a couple of very strong players, is that we are simply not good enough.”

‘More and more in shape

In the run-up to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS begins, however, it is always better to run in the Netherlands, according to the captain. “For the past week and a half, I’ve noticed that we, as a team, get more in shape, and that we are energy, we are well-known in order to come up,” she says.

“For instance, it is very frustrating when you girls are in front of you that each and every point, celebrating as if they won the world champion title. This is what our team is our strength, that we are emotional, so up to the performance. The strength to see me come back.”

At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, Romania, Friday 17: 30 to the first opponent. Azerbaijan, Croatia, Czech republic, Estonia and Hungary are the other opponents in the group. The first two will go through to the knock-out stages.

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