Voice actor Kermit the Frog fired after ‘unacceptable behaviour’

Voice actor Kermit the Frog fired after ‘unacceptable behaviour’

Photo: AFP

Steve Whitmire, who for 27 years, the voice of Kermit the Frog for The Muppets in spoke, had Disney leave after he repeatedly “unacceptable behavior” exhibited on the shop floor.

A spokesman for the studio tells The Hollywood Reporter that the voice actor there several times, and addressed in recent years, but that that should not benefits. Examples of the “unacceptable behavior” of Whitmire gives the spokesperson.

“He did nothing with our feedback. The choice to say goodbye to him was not easy, but is in good agreement with the family Henson (the creator of The Muppets, ed.) gone,” said the spokesman compared the entertainmentsite.


Whitmire claims that his dismissal resulted from a disagreement about the character. The voice actor mentions a scene in which Kermit the Frog against his nephew lying about his break-up with Miss Piggy. “I don’t think Kermit would be lying. He would have explained to him that the hernia is nothing to do with him.”

In addition Whitmire shots of a project have missed. The voice actor says that that is due to an error in his calendar.

Matt Bird, which is already longer for The Muppets works, will perform the duties of Whitmire to take over. Whitmire says geek resentment towards him koesten. “I think it’s especially a pity that we never will work together.”

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