Vodafone test broadcast 4G signal 3G frequencies

Vodafone test broadcast 4G signal 3G frequencies

Vodafone, in Noord-Brabant a test with the emitting 4G signals using frequencies that are normally used for the older 3G network.

That need extra capacity to produce for the increasingly popular 4G network, the provider Monday against Tweakers.

The pressure on the 3G network is shrinking, because more and more people have telephones that the newer 4G standard, you can use. The coverage of 4G networks in the Netherlands is also getting better, allowing smartphone users less often have to fall back on the slower 3G network.

All Dutch providers use several frequencies for their 4G networks. The latest smartphones can be those frequency bands all at the same time, to higher download and upload speeds to achieve.


By 3G frequencies to use, the number of available 4G frequency bands could go up from three to four. Ultimately, a theoretical maximum speed of 1 Gbps in the picture, more than three times as high as the current maximum.

Also T-Mobile has already introduced tests with faster 4G internet via 3G frequencies. It is unclear if the providers think the technique nationally.

Previously tested Vodafone also already broadcasting 4G signals on frequencies that normal for wi-fi networks are used. As far as known, there are still no plans for that technique in practice.

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