Vlogger Snapking offers “great excuses” to

Vlogger Snapking offers “great excuses” to

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Tim van Teunenbroek, better known as vlogger Snapking, regrets his deception. He called his 361.000 followers to call a 0900-number one euro per minute and then were the callers long in the wait.

“I offer great apologies to the parents of the children,” said Snapking Thursday in RTL Summer Night.

Snapking thousands of euros earned on the phone, claimed on the one hand, not to have been to make money. “I have a deal with a belbedrijf. I asked them how I am the best with my fans could come into contact, and this would be the best way.” A toll-free number was according to Snapking not possible. “A 0900-number always cost money.”

On the other hand, the vlogger that “of course the money went.” “I have also invested in the song, so around a thousand euro. Of course, it’s to make money, you’re here for the money, everyone is doing his work.”

Not even once

The number of Snapking, which is about a month and a half to achieve, was because of misleading from the air taken by the Authority Consumer & Market (ACM). According to the ACM, where a lot of complaints came in, spoke with the vlogger with only five of the six callers. That is, according to Snapking not true. “I definitely have more than three hundred, four hundred people to speak. I was not the one who could divert, that was the one that the song has set up.”

Snapking is “very frightened” of the controversy that has arisen. “I offer, therefore, my great apologies. The are small amounts, but it counts all together. I want my great excuses to give, to those who have a long wait in the queue.”

The vlogger has learned “that I don’t have a time to do, that is really not. “And what I’ve learned is that I first need to have a good look at what the rules actually are.”


Snapking had presenter Beau van Erven Dorens equal, indicating that its action is also morally could not. “I have urged small children to start a call, but they do not have the idea that it takes money.”

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