Vjeze Fur since quitting alcohol is a lot more done

Vjeze Fur since he was two years ago, stopped drinking alcohol, a lot more done. “I’m very good at. I get all things for each other, such as, for example, that kookfilmpjes that I like to make,” he says in the NOW.en-consecutive series of interviews In the car with.

Although the rapper of the Youth of Today is happy with his decision to stop drinking, he finds it sometimes also dull.

“I think it’s boring to say that I stopped and I miss it sometimes disappear in the night,” said Vjeze Fur, which is actually Freddy Tratlehner hot.

When the rapper still drank, he had no control over what was going to happen. “So the one time I managed to have two or three drinks to drink and the other time I walked out of the house, I said that I have to go to the café went and about an hour back and I came only at 7: 00 am.”

Vjeze Fur decided two years ago to stop drinking when he became a father. “I had often, black holes, and on a given moment you have a child and then it’s just really not. It is not only your bike is lost or a part of your memory, but allows you to, for example, your child’s fall,” said the rapper.


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In the car with Vjeze Fur: Done rapping about coke and sex’

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