Vitesse, Heerenveen, the netherlands, and Luck is hassle-free continue to be in THE cup

Vitesse, sc Heerenveen, the netherlands Fortuna Sittard will have a Tuesday without a lot of trouble in the eighth-finals of the TOTO, THE Cup is reached. Sprint beat at home, amateurclub, ODIN’59 (4-0, while Wigan 2-0 to Roda JC took the lead. Luck is beating PEC Zwolle by 3-0.

Ensuring that, in 2017 as the winner of the ‘pine cone’, there was peace for four in it. Thomas Buitink, opened the scoring for the team, with interim coach Joseph Oosting. By Oussama Darfalou it was then 2-0.

Patrick Vroegh, and Tomás Hájek, made it a quartet for the rest full. Both players had their first goals in the beginning. After the break, it was the derdedivisionist, there are still a couple of times, but it is a eretreffer, and there is the play We are not in it.

In the province of Friesland had the sc-Heerenveen, the netherlands do not have too much trouble with Roda JC. One of the Mountains opened up just before half-time the score was, and then He is Now, ten minutes after the resumption before the decision is made against the team from the Kitchen to the Champion of a Division.

One of the Mountains which opened up the score on behalf of sc Heerenveen against Roda JC. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Luck does not have a child at PEC Zwolle

Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands after a 3-0 win at PEC Zwolle, also in the eighth-finals. The victory of the People was for the rest not much to the thing.

Bassala Sambou-opened after more than a quarter of an hour of play on reference to Artistic Smith for the score. Nice supporting role in that match, there was also Amadou Ciss, which is clever on the ball, stepped in.

Just before half-time hustle and bustle Rasmus Karjalainen, the Limburg superiority from the 2-0. THE stribbelde half is still against it, but it is really great opportunities, was the team’s coach, John Stegeman is not.

With twenty minutes to play, the decision was in the drijfnatte the restaurant and bar. A cross Mark Diemers by THE defender Darryl Lachman is unhappy in its own goal, to shot.

Fortuna Sittard, earlier, due mainly to a strong first half, with PEC Zwolle. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Eindhoven to win at Excelsior.

The Excelsior went down at home 0-2 down against FC Eindhoven, the netherlands. A second goal of the Sander and Fischer came up with the Kralingers have to be expensive, though, soon after, made a Jort van der Sande for the opening goal. Samy Bourard and decided the match in the final.

Derdedivisionist SteDoCo was not surprised at IJsselmeervogels, which is a division higher. The team from Spakenburg have won at home by 1-0 thanks to a goal of Ive of the Latter.

TOP-Oss, the netherlands did it in about ninety minutes, do not have to win at SOME Resort. Since the extension has not been scored, had a penalty shoot-out, the decision to make. The series was a luxury hotel just a bit sharper. Earlier in the evening, FC Twente, surprisingly, was turned off by the Go Ahead Eagles (2-5).

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