Vitesse counts without a lot of difficulty with Excelsior, first win ADO

Vitesse counts without a lot of difficulty with Excelsior, first win ADO

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Vitesse this evening in Rotterdam without too much trouble, dealt with Excelsior (0-3). ADO Den Haag recorded on a visit to Willem II’s first victory of this season in the League: 1-2.

Basisdebutant Luc Castaignos opened on the stroke of peace to the score for Excelsior-Vitesse. Shortly after the break, took advantage of Tim Matavz a penalty kick. Bryan Linssen gave with a mighty swipe a quarter of an hour before time for the end position.

With nine points occupied Vitesse after four duels neatly the third place. The Arnhem club can Thursday, with the confidence necessary to embark on the thuisduel with Lazio in the Europa League.

Excelsior stands with four points in the middle.


After a weak initial phase took Vitesse the initiative in the hands. To played opportunities came for the rest is not. Defender Jordy de Wijs made on behalf of Excelsior still flashy hands, but the arbitrator Bas Nijhuis did not kick in.

Just before half-time came Vitesse still on edge. The debutant goalkeeper Ögmundur Kristinsson hit final miss on a corner kick and then Castaignos hit the ball with his upper leg the goal in working: 0-1.

After the rest if Matavz still eleven-meter-construction, after a violation of Jeffry Fortes on Büttner (0-2).

Vitesse played then still not won the contest, but Zakaria El Azzouzi failed an imposed opportunity to cash in. ly because it knew Excelsior not to come closer. After the effective blast of Linssen was the duel played: 0-3.

Willem II-ADO

Willem II-ADO Den Haag put Abdelnasser El Khayati the visitors in the first half lead from a penalty. Fran Sol cared after rest for the second half: Willem II, after which El Khayati the visitors the lead with his second goal and the three points concerned.

By the victory of climbs ADO with four points from four duels to the twelfth place in the rankings. Willem II remains without points hekkensluiter.

Ricardo Kishna, who this summer rental happened to Lazio, made his debut for ADO. The vleugelaanvaller came more than a quarter of an hour for time in the field for the visitors.

ADO Den Haag booking victory at Willem II

ADO Den Haag was in Tilburg with 1-2 too strong for Willem II.
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Abdenasser El Khayati made two hits for the visitors.
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Fran Sol scored on behalf of Willem II.
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Ricardo Kishna made his debut for ADO.
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ADO, the first competitiezege of the season.
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El Khayati

The first big chance of the match was for Willem II. Étienne and roanne Velikonja, however, could not take advantage after a too short back-pass on ADO goalkeeper Robert Zwinkels.

ADO came after a little more than half an hour on lead. El Khayati took advantage of a penalty kick after Elson of Hay was brought down in the zestienmetergebied. Both teams knew the rest of the first half with hardly any more danger of the giants.

Only in the final stage of the duel knew Willem II and ADO the audience entertained. After Kishna in the 72nd minute was contributed for Hay, came to the people of tilburg thirteen minutes for time alongside.

Sol found the net from a cross from substitute Ismail Azzaoui. Willem II seemed on the way to the first point of the season, but in the final had it a tegendoelpunt collect.

El Khayati made his second hit of the evening, after Jop van der Linden uitspeelde and goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther passed. Sol was in injury time with a header at the bottom of the lat is close to the 2-2.

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