‘Vitamin E can chance on pneumonia, reducing and enlarging’

‘Vitamin E can chance on pneumonia, reducing and enlarging’

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The use of vitamin E can in older men the risk of pneumonia, decrease and increase. The lifestyle of the men affect the operation of the vitamin in their health.

According to research from the University of Helsinki, published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

A group of 29.133 men in the age from 50 to 69 years participated in a health examination survey, which was conducted between 1985 and 1993. 898 of them had pneumonia. Professor Harri Hemilä has now the specific effects that follow after vitamin E intake in viewed.

The study showed that 28 percent of men who smoke and little movement after the use of vitamin E a larger chance at a pneumonia. This number was even increased to 68 percent at the group of men who have the most smoke and the least moves.

Opposite effect

On the other hand made vitamin E ensure that the risk of pneumonia by 69 percent was reduced in the group of men that hardly smoking and regular exercise.

This result is remarkable, because it proves that vitamins not only have a positive effect on the resistance. The uniform effect of vitamin E in this study, therefore, refuted.

Hemilä recommends therefore that the vitamin is no longer to be used for improving the immune system. He concludes that further research is needed on the effect of the dietary supplement in older, non-smoking men who frequently move. In further studies in which vitamin E plays a role, also need to consider the effects the supplement has on subgroups and not the group as a whole.

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